Fifteen Things (Since I’ve Been Sick)

I have been sick for roughly two weeks now and only in the past 48 hours have I managed to reach the recovery stage and jump off the wretched “incapacitated” list. Why have I been sick that long? Because according to many I am stubborn. Why? Because I don’t want to see a doctor and I refuse to take anything in the vicinity of medicine that isn’t cough syrup, cough drops, orange juice and/or asprins (i.e. things that can be found in the kitchen). It’s my way of making a man out of my immune system.

So what have I done with all that time on my hands; locked away in my room, not wanting to be the cause of a local epidemic? Have I done anything constructive or have I squandered these days away?

1) I blogged. Then I blogged again. Then I blogged some more.

2) Finally got around to updating the ol’blogroll to include some of the better blogs that I’ve been reading (under the radar). These include: Issa (Yugi always has something interesting), Dadan (for daily visual stimulation), Omar (for his lists), Kinzi (the blond cheerleader of the Jordanian blogosphere!), Amino (for the literary protein), Ammar (for his confessions)

3) Watched all 7 seasons of The West Wing on DVD. That’s 156 episodes; 109 hours.

4) I read half a shelf of books in my bedroom’s bookcase. Books I had not read since high school or am ashamed to say, never got around to reading before. These include: Homer’s The Illiad, William Carlos Williams Selected Poems, Cervantes’ Don Quixote and currently Anthony Nutting’s Nasser.

5) Argued with people online for my own entertainment.

6) Discovered a typo in the Jordanian constitution.

7) Used up roughly 250 tissue papers. Curled each one into a little ball and shot 3 pointers from my bed.

8) Consumed 1 and a half bottles of the most bitter (and strongest) cough syrup ever invented, as well as 3 packs of Strepsils (72 pieces).

9) Got around to fixing my bottom-block of my blog, which can be viewed by scrolling all the way down.

10) Wrote my own radical 2 page manifesto.

11) Burnt all evidence of any radical 2 page manifesto.

12) Learnt everything there is to know about the Visigoths.

13) Discovered Amerigo Vespucci was actually a famous Italian cartographer which the Americas were named after and NOT the inventor of the pizza as previously believed (by me).

14) Wrote several ranting & raving posts while under a drug induced haze. To be published in the days to come.

15) Attempted to perfect a Christopher Walken impersonation and failed miserably after several days of trying.


  • I say bala salamtak bala batee7′ ๐Ÿ™‚ this seems rather productive and by the sound of it you are having a blast, I say you could do with two more weeks.

  • Well…salamat to the author of one of the most invigorating reads on my blog list!!
    actually, you make getting sick sound like something you need once or twice a year to catch up on some home-stay activities.
    and also provided me with ideas to kill time during snow storms

  • Dana: thanks and allah ysalmek!

    but i suppose it would be healthier if you just took a two week vacation. at least you’d get to go places. like outdoors!

  • Nas, it DOES sound like God was talking to you during your protracted illness! ๐Ÿ™‚ didn’t know you were sick so long.

    You didn’t whine about it at all. Thank God you are a man. When I get sick, the show must go on. I have to be hospitalized in order to get rest. Everyone asks me to do ALL the things on their ‘mommy-do’ list NOW for fear I might get sicker and unable.

    I can’t believe I’m on your list. Made my day! NAS, has blogrolled me! Now I’m scared, if I know you are reading, I must be articulate, make sense, and be funny. No more PMS blogging. BOS! SHUUF, shu NAS Bi3amilay!

  • nas, i need
    1. all 7 seasons of The West Wing on DVD
    2. my books
    to be given back germ free please. Christopher Walken is hard to do start with Elmur Fudd and work your way up.

  • man ur more productive when ur sick than i wud ever be when im healthy lol! salamet albak naseem, i hate the flu, this is my third time since the start of the year :S exceptional year for sagis my a$$!

  • Batir: when you too much time there’s really no management.

    Kinzi: ahlan ahlan. keep blogging as you are!

    Fad: no. (and the west wings are mine dammit!)

    verbal alchemy: allah ysalmek. stop reading horoscopes!

  • Salamat Nas, I wish you a speedy recovery
    and thank you very much for blogrolling me ๐Ÿ™‚
    … but did you really think Vespucci was the inventor of Pizza? :S

  • hamede: allah ysalmak, patience brother

    issa: allah ysalmak. nah i was just joking. i know that christopher colombus was the inventor of the pizza

  • Nas said: “but i suppose it would be healthier if you just took a two week vacation. at least youรƒยข??d get to go places. like outdoors!”

    I cant catch up on readings on vacations I suppose…bcuz I would be outdoors a lot. but on heavy snow day like it is today in T.O …plus the factor that my car is broken ….I would really love to use activities on your list as ideas to entertain myself. y3nee bel mo5tasar…your sick two-weeks are more fun than my snow days.

  • Ryan, Allah ysalmak!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Dana: i know exactly how you feel, i’ve been there before. you know all the hot spots to catch a cold in t.o. right? ๐Ÿ˜€

    take the crowded 60c bus from finch station to york just once…

    c…not f

  • are you trying to say that we have a carbby transit system …lah lah ya zalame…we might have the same subway since the 60s or 70s but come on…it cant get better
    who am i kiddin..i cant even finish the sentence I hate TTC hamdulla I dont have to take their buses anymore…

  • Dana, yeah but see taking the ttv is the best way to get sick and take two weeks off

    especially that route during rush hour! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Salamtak MAN!

    and thanks for adding me to the list, yalla i’ll be doing a list tomorrow inshallah! hehe

    the stuff you did sound like fun
    i wanna do them when i’m not depressed! haha

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