A Rant On Jordanian DJs

ONE: Sometimes, not all the times, but most of the times, the sound of thick British accents that bellow into air waves of various Jordanian radio stations, make me want to…

Then again, Jordanian DJs with their nasally attempts at a western accent is not very inspiring either.

All I’m saying is there must be someone with the linguistic ability to say “3mman” instead of “Aah-Mon” like their opening their mouths for a dental exam?

TWO: Why all the friggin techno music after 10pm?! Is this some sort of conspiracy? If I play it backwards will I hear subliminal messages telling me to buy Coca Cola or worship the devil? And aren’t both those things supposed to be the job of rock and roll?

THREE: Maybe it’s just me but whenever I tune into a random radio station (before 10pm) they seem to always be in the middle of a top 10 countdown.

FOUR: I know radio is supposed to be repetitive, but when you play the same song (that’s usually about smacking a bitch) about 4 times in the same hour…well then the DJ is just being an *******.

FIVE: Oh…my…God…the conversations these DJs have with their call-in listeners! I’m sorry but you’re just not funny. And also, if you ARE the call-in listener, don’t call-in if you don’t have the required conversational English that allows you to request a song. And also don’t go on and on in that same broken English, stuttering about who you’re dedicating the song to and what the song means to both of you. Dude, if your girlfriend has a life, in all likelihood she ain’t listenin’ right now!


  • Well unfortunately most of DJ’s everywhere suck , but I agree the Jordanian ones need that â??je n’est ce quaâ? factor. There was this anchor though on Amman 2 TV that said 3amman, do you remember her? (No clue why I retained that piece of information)

    There’s a radio station called jack fm, they have no DJs they only play songs. Maybe you can find it online?

    By the way, thanks for voting for

  • Oh yes, the lebanese accent.

    Like the newly found word that irritates the hell out of me: “bti7keena” like: Hi flan, min wain bti7keena? ( and I don’t even think its Lebanese).

    When the hell did Jordanians ever say “bti7keena” ? what does it even mean? I know there’s “bit7akeena” with an “a” but “bti7keena”?! is that like baby talk or something?

  • :S wein ayyam Mohannad jazeera lol!

    well i never digested the idea and never wud, the lack of originality is so annoying, not only jordanian DJs but arab DJs in general, especially on an english channel. w ma3 enni i was a radio presenter for an english channel, but i believe i dint suck much 😀 at least i have a perfect american accent which wont even give away my origin in a million years. enuf of me. lol back to ranting 😀

    i also agree with the increase of lebanese wannabes in our society… one word: why??! palis/jors have the best accent in the region bi nazari, why not highlight it rather than hide it behind a horrid disguise?? especially the guys, the accent oozes masculinity, lashu il ghanaj il mustana3?

  • Is it better to reign in hell than serve in heaven? I wonder. And yes, I do feel like it’s a question pertinent to this discussion.

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