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5 thoughts on “A Music Video On Women’s Quo6a In Jordan

  1. I know this show, it’s true they exaggerate a lot, “be2avwero as sa3d el so’3ayyar would put it”… but it’s nice to see some initial attempts at practising constructive criticism, I mean criticising the government openly on TV. The theme song of this show goes like this:

    Ø­Ù?Ù?Ù?تÙ?ا اÙ?رشÙ?دة Ù?اÙ?تب فÙ?Ù?Ù? Ù?صÙ?دÙ?Ø©
    Ø´Ù? Ù?ا عÙ?Ù?تÙ? Ø´Ù? Ù?ا Ù?Ù?تÙ? صفÙ?Ù?ا عاÙ?حدÙ?دة

    As you said, not the funniest thing in the world, but it gets a point across

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