A Metaphorical Paragraph On The Death Of Sound

…And then the headphones emanate their last gasps of breath. The suddenly disappearing sound from a single ear lobe resulting in a frantic jiggling of the wire to try and resuscitate the melody. And it works for awhile; euphony replaces cacophony. For awhile. But then there’s the realization, that awareness that you can’t move your head or you’ll lose the connection. So you remain motionless, statuesque, because you’re trying to preserve the harmony. Because you cannot lose the connection, because you cannot lose this harmony, because then all you’re left with is one layer of music running through one earlobe and it’s never the ‘good’ layer, because all the bass, treble, rock and roll, all of that is always happening on the other side, on the other layer, in the other earlobe. The equilibrium has been disturbed and the balance must be restored. And you swear to yourself next time that you won’t cheap out, that you’ll buy the good kind of headphones, even though you know deep down that once you’re standing in that aisle of the electronics department and you’re staring at the prices, you’re going to eventually be overcome by the limitations of your wallet.

So for now, you jiggle the wire.


Because that’s all you can do.


Your Two Piasters: