Forced Divorces In Saudia: How One Extreme Replaces Another

Almost two years ago forced marriages were banned in Saudi Arabia under the discovery that it was in fact un-Islamic. Who knew eh? Some argued at the time that this wasn’t the reason and instead it was an attempt to curtail the 50% divorce rate.

I think it was neither.

Simply because while forced marriages are banned, forced divorces seem to be the thing now.

Mansour Al Timani who lied about his (tribal) origins had his marriage annulled by his father-in-law who is looking for new suitors for his daughter Fatima even though Fatima, who refused to adhere to the court ruling and return to her father’s home, is currently in jail; separated from her husband and their two children.

The story has evolved into a petition by women rights activists in the kingdom to pressure the king into intervening.

And here’s yet another similar case.

Hopefully, half a century from now, the mufti of Saudi Arabia will make the shocking discovery that forced divorces are also un-Islamic.

Who knew?


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