On The Heels Of A Unity Government

Nearly 10 days ago before the other shoe fell and a unity government was in the works, an interesting event occurred that flew under my radar; probably because it was a different kind of Palestinian “infighting”. In a meeting between top Fatah members at the government headquarters in Ramallah, Mr. Tawfiq Tirawi, who heads the Palestinian intelligence department, became so infuriated by the former Head of Preventative Security in the West Bank, Jabril Rajoub, that he took off his shoe to beat him with it.

…The main reason for the bizarre incident was the conflict within Fatah over the current fighting with Hamas, along with Rajoub’s opposition to the formation of a Palestinian unity government. Rajoub had also claimed that elements within Fatah were attempting to spread the fighting with Hamas in the Gaza Strip into the West Bank, apparently referring to Tirawi.

Shortly before the talks began, Tirawi took advantage of the opportunity to demonstrate his disapproval of Rajoub. Tirawi reportedly approached Rajoub, telling him, “I have a message to you from the Fatah children who have been killed in Gaza,” at which point he removed his shoes and tried hitting Rajoub with one, who remained seated in his chair, stunned. [source]


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