Black Iris Down! Repeat, Black Iris Is Down!

There is a nasty bug flying around Amman these days and God help you if you catch it. A factory has opened shop in my head which is resting on a neck that is incredibly sore, that is home to a throat that has somehow expanded to twice its size. Not to mention the overwhelming dizziness of standing up. The excessive hot one minute and teeth shattering cold the next. Arms and legs feel like Jello and during semi-lucid moments I see everything in pairs. At one point I thought I could see the future. My immune system is probably vacationing in Tahiti right about now.

No, it’s not the flu. I have my flu shots courtesy of the Canadian health system.

It is something far worse.

Something Jordanian.

A beast unleashed from beneath the surface of our civil discontent.

And other than hot mint, chamomile, za3tar or ginger tea…there is no cure.

May God help us all.


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