On Valentines Day I Will Not Blog About

…the most common topics:

…Love or lack there of.

…How it’s just another Hallmark holiday out to break our financial spirits.

…How it’s a sign of cultural colonization of the Middle East.

…How it’s an emblem of social erosion that will lead to our eventual downfall as a society civilization.

On Valentine’s Day I will not, I will not, I will NOT blog about…

…The sad scene of people buying 40JD red teddy bears from Safeway.

…On Valentine’s Day I will not post…

…A fatwa.

…A love poem or an email forward about love.

…or email forwards with cute puppies and kittens in baskets.

…Generic love chain letters that flood my inbox.




On Valentine’s I will not blog about Valentine’s Day.

(except for this post which is technically not about Valentines Day but rather me blogging about me not blogging about Valentine’s Day)


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