On The Sucky Scheduling Of Jordan Blogger Meetups

Who schedules the meet ups for Jordanian Bloggers? In the middle of the month? And on Thursdays? Come on now…

Meetups should be on Friday or Saturday nights rather than Thursday nights because that’s when all the magic happens. In other words Thursday night is the only time in the week when one would plan ahead to meet friends or do a whole bunch of things. I mean you almost have to have nothing else to do in order to attend a meetup and that’s usually impossible for most people. But I speak for myself.

Not to mention that it’s almost unfair that bloggers take up the space of a common venue on a Thursday night where other people have been making plans all week to visit.

Not to mention that with rising inflation and fuel prices, meetups should also be held in venues that don’t require a cover charge.

Just a thought.


  • Naseem!
    I’ve been trying to point this out for approximately a couple of years now!
    All of them actually! its not a thought… its a fact!

    once i suggested a meeting at a place that some people claimed its expensive, and some people might not be able to pay 2-2.5 JDs for a nescafe or a hot chocolate… so they made a meeting with a 6 JD cover charge in a hotel!

    Ma 3alena!

  • nasim…wal…one year?!

    here’s the thing. I’m a guy on a budget and i’m guessing most bloggers are too. and 6 jds is about the most i would hope to spend on a thursday night. and to have it spent on a meetup…actually its not so much the meetup as it is that i hate cover charges.

    i would rather see a movie and go to hashems with the jd that’s left over 😀

  • Nas, you’re still going arent’ you? Yella, just once! I’m on a budget too, and can’t do 5JD every time. BUT, it’s plain hard to please the blogger group, all of us want our way, and we want it NOW. That’s what makes us good bloggers, mish?

    Places here seem all bent out of shape that a group of 30 comes in. You should have seen the manager of the one place in Jabal Amman…I mean, should he not be THANKFUL for the business? Oh no, he wants to charge 3jd each for the galabeh of our presence! It would have been the most expensive Diet 7UP I ever had if Mr. Generous hadn’t paid for everyone.

    Saturday is my fault, I have church, and wasta with Khalidah :).

    Fridays work for me. I hate the smoke, though, I would pay 5JD gladly if there wasn’t smoke permeating my pores.

  • you have your point of view naseem!!
    but I dont think the other 30 bloggers maybe half of them agree with you….
    for me Fridays – Family day (im not that stupid to go out on friday, unless relaxing , dead sea maybe or a trip)
    Saturdays, some people work this day and the other like me always arrange to do like million things, me always have plans this day..

    and im sure that most of us put this 5JD in lunch break… 5JD nothing (ne7na mnesref 3la elfadi welmalyan) then its really a good place.

    at the end people who can attend will come for sure and who dont they will miss it 😉

  • kinzi, no i cant make it. i have one friend graduating that day and another friend leaving the country so thursday the 15th has been booked from 2 weeks ago.

    you don’t have church all day do you? 😀

    as for cover charges…no one should tell the manager of a meetup…everyone should just come and pretend like their surprised to see each other, then ask for the tables to be joined.

  • come on Nas its one thursday in the month, ma bedha kol hal2ossa!!!
    Kaman no one schedules a meet-up on friday becoz its a family day and I dont think people like to go out on fridays!!
    And regarding Saturday its the only day you have time to do everthing you cant do in the work days!

    I agree that there shouldnt be a cover charge but all the cafes and restaurants ask for that when they know the number of people coming.

    The meet-up is scheduled on Thursday becoz we used to that since JP meet-ups ayam ma kont mo hon 3shan te3tered 🙂

    Any way you should have added a comment when you read about the meet-up and said that you prefer another day of the week … kteer kabbart elmawdo3 🙂

    Sar khair inshallah and if you cant make it this time , maybe we will meet the next meet-up if its not on thursday 🙂

  • 7ala: lool keef kabbart elmawdo3? i just posted my opinion, i didn’t start a campaign to overthrow the blogosphere nor attempt to propose legislation to invent a new day in the week 😀

    but seriously, i didn’t know where to leave a comment and comments rarely have the amplification that comes with blogging about it 😉

    ba3dein it’s possible the way you or others see fridays as family days is how i and others (especially 20 something males) see thursdays. for me its pretty much the only day in the week where i can actually get out and do something.

  • about the cover charge, of course there will be one on a thursday night, and of course there will be a bigger one on a big group of people messing a place’s thursday night customers… its logical!

    and 10s of “simple non sophisticated” meetings were done with a minimum/cover charge!

    mind up that on working days some people might work from 7AM -7PM! its a working day!

    and 7ala: “The meet-up is scheduled on Thursday becoz we used to that since JP meet-ups” maybe the ones you were too ,,, not always! there were tuesdays and sundays and wednesdays and mondays too! as well as fridays and saturdays … you were to a saturday meeting ur self, werent you!

    and i agree with Naseem that whenever its a holiday, you try to do ur personal/family things in the day time! and not all day long.

    and wedad: “most of us put this 5JD in lunch break” !! a normal university student lives an entire week with 5 JD!
    and only “Junk-food-lover-workers” spend 5 JD on launch…

    and by the way nas… they are a COUPLE of years! not only one!

  • Heheheh ya jama3a e7na msh 3m netkhana2 ,,,
    Bs wallah ya Nas you have a good lawyer .. beddy adawwerly 3ala 7d esmo 7ala ydeer balo 3alaye hek 🙂

  • Ya lateef, shu bidna insowi? MaFee Nas T 🙁

    Better to be a loyal friend. You’ve chosen well.

    Heh-heh, you KNOW I am a religous fanatic…especially when the worship team with the drums is leading! No, all the English church services in Jordan are in the evening.

    Nasimjo…with you, man. Mommies with a passel of kids in private school and orthodontics on the horizon DON’T do lunch anymore. 🙂

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