On Palestine Lately

I have to admit that this point in time I get sick every time I think about the Palestinian issue. My stomach becomes tied in knots. At this point I would seriously consider The Qaddaffi plan to airlift the Aqsa mosque to Libya and unite Israel and Palestine, renaming it Israteen.

That’s how bad it is.

The last few months and specifically weeks of infighting between Hamas and Fatah has been honestly embarrassing for me as an Arab and as a Muslim. And I do not use this word lightly. It comes with strings of melancholy. It was honestly depressing to turn on the news or open a newspaper to hear about Palestinians killing each other.

I once told a friend of mine that a civil war in Palestine was something I was expecting to happen after it becomes an independent state. I was accused at the time of being anti-Palestinian in the sense that I was saying something negative. In my mind I was pointing to what I felt was like an inevitable reality.

And I suppose I was wrong in the end. It’s happening much sooner than I once predicted.

Hamas’s refusal to step aside was just deplorable in my opinion. I don’t care if they were democratically elected and if they are legitimate. You don’t sacrifice the welfare of your people for the sake of legitimacy. And while they still remain they have in no way acted for the good of their own people and constituency. They preferred to put them at risk instead,

The very idea that these two weak political parties and/or organizations could not find a common ground (as if a big enough one wasn’t already provided to them) is just saddening in my opinion.

And while they fight Israel moves on: building settlements, walls and pouring fuel on the fire lately with a new ramp at the foot of the Dome of the Rock. Other than a few political scandals for once Israel has laid low until this past week in the international news scene, which has discovered that Palestinian infighting gets better ratings than the usual dog bites man news.


  • Let me tell you what is sacrficing the wellbeing of the Palestinain people, its the neighbouring goverments collaboration to choke those people that you feel so sorry for, after years of banging teir drums and doing nothing leave the palestinain people sort themselves out, let them kill each other, they dont want any philosophers acting liek they care about them, the palestinain people survived alot worse matters in the past, and they will survive this episode as well, what is keeping them underground is the historical treason of their so called brothers, please keep ur sympathies to yourself, join the EU or something and then u wont be so embarrased to be an arab…what do u think…and while ur at it, tell the Arab bank and the governemtn to release the 20 or so million from the UAE so that those poor palestinian people that ur heart is bleeding for can live, clear ur dirt before u talk about the others dirt, how about that for a starter?

  • markus. for starters…first of all calm down. second of all dont put words in my mouth. third of all i never said i feel sorry for palestinians, i dont sympathize with my brothers i empathize with their situation always. fourth of all i didnt say i was embarrassed to BE an Arab I said it was embarrassing. fifth of all i agree that the silence of arab governments is a real embarrassment, but that is nothing new.

    Lastly, to blame either israel or arab governments for palestinians killing each other is frankly ludicrous.

    Palestinians are not spineless puppets of the world whose situation is dependent strictly on those two elements, primarily the former. So much of their destiny is in their own hands and this past year has been the ultimate personification of that.

  • Hi all.oops… I see that my earlier comment this morning(a long one) about Jerusalem must have also got eaten up,lol.

    So,instead I’ll just post this: A Peace Video featuring King Abdullah of Jordan and lots of kids .As I understand it,King Abdullah supports the creation of an Independent Palestine living in Peace alongside a safe and secure State of Israel.

    Have a look … its great… part is in Arabic :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwHxFtQIrhE&eurl=

    Now all we have to do is to get rid of Palestinian terror groups (stipulation of the Road Map) and then get the moderates on the Palestinian side and Israel to sit down and talk.

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