On Jordanian Stubbornness

Earlier tonight during a typical kitchen table family conversation the topic of Jordanian stubbornness was brought up. It’s one of those conversations where everyone sitting at the table has a story to tell and it doesn’t usually require that they do much digging in the past. My father who grew up a military man said that in the army they used to say that when the British established the Arab Legion in the 1920’s, which later became the Jordanian army, the Jordanians during initial training refused to salute to their superior British officers. The British attempted to explain to them that it wasn’t about saluting to a Brit or a non-Brit, that it didn’t matter, you saluted to the rank.

Still they refused.

So the British put stripes on the shoulders of dogs and started saluting to them.

I don’t know how true that story is, but if I were a betting man…


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