The Sufara Bakery

There are many reasons why I love the Sufara bakery. Coming to Amman for the first time as a child I remember the bakery as the only ‘real’ place in Swefieh. Next to it was the Chicken Tika restaraunt and a little fish market and that whole street was pretty much all there was to Swefieh. But nostalgia is not my only reason. With so many customers the Sufara bakery is always baking non stop and that means every time you step inside you’re gaurenteed to smell what’s fresh out of the oven. Not to mention that it was baking goods most bakeries had never heard of for its time.

But here’s what I love about it the most…

It is the only bakery I have ever seen in my life that has two automatic sliding sensor doors…

And a security gaurd.

And every time I go there I always see the man sitting there with his uniform and Batman utility belt complete with a nightstick…and I chuckle to myself as I wonder why in the world a bakery would ever need a security gaurd.

(and don’t say the ’96 kerak bread riots)


  • Lol…your bracketed phrase cracked me up!

    You don’t even have to step inside to smell the freshness, you can smell it simply while driving by with the windows down. The aroma itself is enough to drive a hungry man crazy…hence the security guard. A wild, yet quite relevent, theory; wouldn’t you say?

  • heheheh
    I Know why the guard is there.. he tells buyers which sliding door is for entering the place and which one is the exit… I always forget and the old man tells me, la ya 3ammo.. mish men hawn, men hawn men hawn! (by the way, he is too old to be a “security” guard.. the man I think is way beyond 60)

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