Fruiti Tooti Questions

Out of fruity curiosity why do the bloggers who are not on Toot bitch non-stop about not being on Toot? And why do non-Toot bloggers become anti-Toot bloggers? And why do anti-Toot bloggers pretend like they don’t care they’re non-Toot bloggers yet they seem to talk so much about being non-Toot bloggers, consume so much time in being anti-Toot bloggers, that it kinda feels like they really care they’re not-on-Toot bloggers? Like, do you know what I’m saying? Is Toot, like, the cool kid’s table for the Arab blogosphere? Does every non-Toot and/or anti-Toot blogger, like, curse the Toot from afar, all the while secretly praying they will one day be asked to become on-Toot bloggers? Get a seat at the table? Get to wear the football jackets?

So this is an on-Toot blogger’s post on non-Toot bloggers, specifically anti-Toot bloggers, who seem to spend so much time on the question of why they’re not on Toot that it baffles me.

Look, if you’re not on Toot, if you didn’t make the cut, then maybe you just suck.

I kid.

Well…I dunno, maybe you do suck, who knows.

But seriously, if behind that hardshell of anti-tootiness you really deep down want to become a Toot blogger then maybe you should spend less time blogging about not being on Toot and how Toot is so, like, not cool, and more time on anything remotely interesting to anyone: especially the Toot team.

Or, like myself, you can always bribe Roba with a basket of raspberries.

(chocolate covered strawberries to ensure yourself a spot as a ‘handpicked blog’ of the day)


  • Tootie fruiti (not furiti tootie) used to be a nickname we gave this one Arab guy in college because he looked so much on the tootie fruiti side!

    Is there supposed to be a divine advantage to one’s blog by being on itoot? πŸ˜€ some people need to chill a bit! it’s not that serious!

  • I don’t see why you had to generalize.
    I’m not on toot, and never complained about it or hold any grudge!
    It’s just another aggregator, and if you were not picked it doesn’t mean you are not “cool” and if you were picked it doesn’t also mean you are special.

    Although I think begging the iToot “team” to get in is not cool at all!

    It’s all relative I guess.

    Anyways, I’m confused…are you serious about this post Nas? I’ll assume it’s just a “fruity” moment of Zen

    iPod,iToot,iPhone,iHeartAmman it’s all about I I me me

  • I do want to be on toot even though I check it once every blue moon, but I’m not going to blog about things that are interesting to toot’s team just so that they’ll add me, that’s just silly. Nobody should be that desperate. The only reason many people want to be on toot is to expand their audience and increase traffic but anyone who takes that too seriously and start blogging about how toot sucks or how he’s too good to be on toot is as pathetic as someone who will try to change his/her ways so that toot’s team will like him (or any team for that matter).

    ba3dain if anyone thinks toot sucks because they didn’t add him/her, be funny and cool and add the I’m Not on toot badge. Here’s the code:

    I can’t afford buying Roba a pair of red shoes πŸ˜€

  • LOL

    I like the humor of this post πŸ™‚

    Actually, I used to enjoy through toot, but there’s something weird about them. Something that becomes very obvious, most of political blogs on toot are…mmm I don’t know what’s the proper to say but hey I know you’re smart enough to get it πŸ˜‰

    besides, there is , it’s way more fun.. It really has the taste of an Arab’s so much fun.

    I don’t think toot will last, it’s very boring now

  • You guys crack me up …..

    I have no clue what toot is but you are hilariuos and I get it.

    I am going to check it out now

  • Mmmm, I am honestly pissed off because I am not listed on iToot, I try to ignore the whole Toot issue now that I don’t know the way to get listed there.

    Maybe as you said Nas, I am just NOT cool to their team. Maybe my blog is not good enough for them. Or maybe their team just think that my blog suck! It is okay, there are many other bloggers outside the blog circle. I am not alone. I won’t be whining or bitching that I am not there and I can dismiss the nice user interface they have so that I wont feel bitter everytime I visit their site.

    Good luck for them, and good luck for the other masses aggregators. I miss Jordan Planet πŸ™‚

  • SO how does toot work ? what is it exactly ?is it like Jordan Planet (may it rest in peace)
    Nas…mish 3awaydak but you sound fruiti :p

  • i never even heard of toot before .. and sara7a i dont wanna be a part of something called toot πŸ˜€

    i can proudly say im not a member of anything .. wala toot wala dawwen wala i blog for palestine wala hum ya7zanoon πŸ˜€

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