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18 thoughts on “Carrefour Opens In Amman

  1. Yeah, those pesky security guards need to temper their behavior down otherwise they will be turning customers off.BTW: I’m one of those customers whose been totally and completely turned off by their constant gazing and following between the isles. They make the customer feel very uncomfortable. I honestly enjoy buying fruits and vegetables from the downtown street vendors much more than from those west Amman retailers, at least in there[downtown]there are no guards staring at me while I’m shopping. Piss on that bro.

  2. i used to go to the city mall with my famil for shopping and to buy the home needs from carrefour , but from today 15 oct 2008 , i decide not to go any more because they dont open the aircondition and it was hot i been today at 1830 and i ask the staff thier why thy dont open the AC and three of them said they save electricity , shame on them.
    i spoke on phone to coustomer svc and i ask about duty manager his name is mr wael but i couldnt get him and i left a complain to the concern staff.
    my wife was with me and she is brignand she couldnt stand the heat and the smill spically inside and staff said since one week they have this problem , god help them to work in this situion.
    i hope th managment take care of this coplainand not to be ignored cause they represent big name ( carrefour ) .

    osama abuzaid
    jordan – amman

  3. This establishment had better put its act together soon. It is becoming dangerously shoddy and could face legal responsibility. The other day we bought frozen vietnamese fish. When we had it defrosted today in preparation for our lunch, it turned out the fish was bad. It was pasty, with an odd color and had obviously been previously defrosted. Could it be that through negligence, Carrefour is marketing health hazards?

Your Two Piasters: Buying Xenical Online Uk