Carrefour Opens In Amman

Right across from the King Hussein public park is City Mall which is still being built. The French company Carrefour however has now opened and I went to take a look at what they have to offer. First of all let me say the mall is much better than Mecca Mall and Abdoun Mall combined. For one they have over 3,000 parking spots all within three floors under ground. The mall itself is about 7 floors if I counted right: four above ground and three below. Five or six of them purely retail. It is still under construction and most shops have not even moved in let alone put up a sign. However there is a Body Shop and I what I think is the first Foot Locker. Finally we can all buy our Nike sneakers for a reasonable 200JD price. Whew.

Carrefour is decent enough. There was no ‘wow’ factor to it. The prices are very reasonable (not sarcasm at all). Most prices are below West Amman market standard by a few piasters. Some more than others. What is unique is of course the bulk products. We are talking about a tub of mayo for 6JDs. Or enough rice to feed a small country for about 15JDs. So on and so forth. The other unique aspect is that most, if not all, the produce such as vegetables and fruits are made in Jordan. Under every sign is the product’s price and country of origin. So it’s nice to know they’re helping out the market.

The second floor also does not have much of a ‘wow factor’. A few aisles for clothes, drill bits, stationary, home appliances such as ovens, a single aisle for English and Arabic books with average West Ammani prices. The only thing I found interesting was the electronics section. Carrefour has, what I believe to be, the best electronic section in Amman right now. From high definition TV’s to laptops, stereo systems, playstations, cell phones; the works.

Overall the place is not that bad. It’s big enough to never appear crowded.

They’ve employed many many many local Jordanians. I mean a lot. Something like 500 employees last I heard. I couldn’t take pictures for “security reasons” and the security there watches you like a hawk. Moreover I didn’t appreciate that whenever I stopped walking to check something out a worker would stop two meters away from me and watch me or wait for me to ask for help but all in all just stare at me. Then when I moved, he would move. At one point I wanted to do the Napoleon Dynamite dance routine and see if he would follow. The mall also has a security system that goes off every few minutes when someone steals something. The sound is something you would expect to hear at the coming of the Apocalypse.

I also wish they had those little tables where you could taste products like at North America’s Costco.

What I appreciated most about the place honestly is the parking. That’s not an insult. You’d have to live in Amman to understand what a blessing that is. They even have those people that wave you in and guide your car to the nearest parking spot. Maybe that’s just a temporary thing though. The metal detectors also appear to be a temporary thing. I don’t see how either will last with hundreds of people pouring in every day.


  • Nas, are you serious about having Costco-like sample tables?! In Jordan? Omg, I don’t even want to imagine the frenzy that would occurr…(“balla hatlak shegfet 5ubez, biddi a’3ammis ma3 el-labahneh illi 3ala e6awleh hatheek”) 😀

  • nar: geography sucks sometimes…and not just as a subject

    moi: loooooool that cracked me up. ooh yeah, that would definitely happen i’m sure.

  • kinzi: lol yeah i have some free time on my hands but i dont know how long that will last 😀

    (when it reveals itself completely to me!) 😉

  • Yeah, those pesky security guards need to temper their behavior down otherwise they will be turning customers off.BTW: I’m one of those customers whose been totally and completely turned off by their constant gazing and following between the isles. They make the customer feel very uncomfortable. I honestly enjoy buying fruits and vegetables from the downtown street vendors much more than from those west Amman retailers, at least in there[downtown]there are no guards staring at me while I’m shopping. Piss on that bro.

  • yall geting all over ure heds carefour is the best no matter what. niggas carefour is my life lol :p

  • hay i have to do a project does any one no were or who can i intervew some one with som noldje

  • i used to go to the city mall with my famil for shopping and to buy the home needs from carrefour , but from today 15 oct 2008 , i decide not to go any more because they dont open the aircondition and it was hot i been today at 1830 and i ask the staff thier why thy dont open the AC and three of them said they save electricity , shame on them.
    i spoke on phone to coustomer svc and i ask about duty manager his name is mr wael but i couldnt get him and i left a complain to the concern staff.
    my wife was with me and she is brignand she couldnt stand the heat and the smill spically inside and staff said since one week they have this problem , god help them to work in this situion.
    i hope th managment take care of this coplainand not to be ignored cause they represent big name ( carrefour ) .

    osama abuzaid
    jordan – amman

  • This establishment had better put its act together soon. It is becoming dangerously shoddy and could face legal responsibility. The other day we bought frozen vietnamese fish. When we had it defrosted today in preparation for our lunch, it turned out the fish was bad. It was pasty, with an odd color and had obviously been previously defrosted. Could it be that through negligence, Carrefour is marketing health hazards?

  • i’d like to know if someone went in carrefour in amman if they buy some surimi in this supermarket.

    thanks 🙂

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