Merry Christmas

Just a note wishing all the Christians in Jordan a Merry Christmas. And I’m totally free this week if any of you need help disassembling your gingerbread houses. Ya3ni…just in case…


  • Thank you so much, Nas. Since I wasn’t able to make the gathering tonight adn invite you personally, let me say, ‘tafuddle, rah mnihfrah bi wujuudak 3indna, inta rah bitkaamil if farah il Eid’. 😀

    Yes, and there are still cookies.

  • Batir, sorry man I didn’t get any emails. i’ll give you a call some time this week inshallah (i erased your number for privacy)

    Kinzi, lol thank you! Unfortunately I couldn’t make it to the gathering tonight but I’m looking forward to the next one, mainly so I can finally hear you speak Arabic! 😀

  • O inta bkhair

    i have so many questions for you!! what are you doing in Jordan? is it for good ? No more Canada ? What is it like ?

    email me

  • Ah ok i just read that…you know why i’m very curious ..cause you now could be me soon if your move is for good…do you feel like you’re starting over from zero or from minus 5 or simply continuing from 5.4?

  • Wishing you and your loved ones a great holiday season and a very happy 2007!
    May 2007 brings us all Health, Wealth, Happiness and much needed Peace on earth.

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