In the past 8 days three Lebanese people and two Iraqi people, driving cars with Jordanian plates, have stopped me at a red light to inquire about directions. And I, with my suddenly shaky usually-perfect sense of direction, have in all probability given them bad directions. So if you happen to be one of those people who stopped a Jordanian brother to ask how to get to Swefieh and you some how ended up in Swaileh, or asked about Khalda and ended up unintentionally road trippin to Irbid…my bad.

You’re inquiries came at an odd time in my life.

Next week would have been better.

My mental maps should be in order by then.


  • hahaha.. at least you dignified that ‘if’ with an apology!

    I admit, I have no initial sense of directions at all (but all it takes is mapquest and getting to my destination once…and i’ll be able to go back again without directions!) …and unlike my friend, would admit it instead of giving people wrong directions! but that changes – once in a while – depending on my mood. SO.

    Are you the type who uses East, West, North and South? I am yet to figure those out..what’s wrong with straight, left right, etc.!!

  • Hamede, my ordinary self is usually good with directions!

    Iman, i think only north americans like to use north, south, east and west. everyone else i know, including myself just says right, left, straight ahead.

    oh, but you have to add popular check points in jordan for it to make self…like “take a right at supermarket abu-ali”.

    PNTS: thats how i see it 😀

  • In giving directions I only have one problem, I can’t distinguish left from right! Yes it’s true and once, I failed a driving test because of this, the policeman thought that I was not concentrating!

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