The Black Iris in Decompressing Mode and Other Notations

1) The Black Iris will be in “Decompressing Mode” for the next few days, if not weeks to come as I undergo a significant life-altering transition. So bear with me folks (I know you’ll miss me).

2) I’d also like to apologize for not replying to Black Iris readers who have emailed me in the past week, I will get around to doing so shortly and I’ll apologize in advance for not replying promptly to anyone who emails me hence forth.

3) I updated my blogroll this week for a more accurate reflection of bloggers I’ve been reading for more often in the past few weeks. They include: Dino, Bakkouz, Moey, Lubna and Samer. But realistically speaking the blogroll is really just for my convenience.

4) Passing math is now a requirement to comment on this blog. I know, I know, I hate math too but during my leave of absence math will be my primary line of defense against spam…math and karma.

5) Happy Birthday Deeb (Dec.10th)


Your Two Piasters: