Naturally Interesting

The word I love these days is “Naturally”. It’s a much better replacement for words like “Obvious” and “Cool” and it’s root “Natural” is just as stimulating to use. Commonly used phrases “Everything is natural”, “Pretty natural”, “It’s natural man” or just plain lovely “Naturally”. So yeah, I’m bringing ‘naturally’ back (beat that timberlake).

The word I hate these days is “Interesting”. A professor of mine once upon a time said that if someone ever says to you “interesting” then they’re bored out of their brains or are pondering blowing their brains out or other not-so-fun things one can do with their brains. And whether it’s the giver or the receiver, every member of a conversation is aware of the heavy fog that descends once a person says “Interesting….” as a response to someone’s lengthy monologue. The word ‘interesting’ is a killjoy, it is the downward spiral market crash of conversations.

I know, I know…this post is utterly useless.

Or naturally interesting.


Your Two Piasters: