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15 thoughts on “How To Get A Girlfriend In Amman

  1. I have an small objection to the title…I don’t think this dude is looking for a girlfriend.

    Do guys really show their hairy midriffs there? I thought wearing your pants like that was about showing off your $35 boxers. And if the truck was a convertible, the girls would just be throwing their phone numbers on the passenger seat, right!?!?!?!?

  2. Jad: touche bro, touche 😀

    Luai: well I guess the title of the post was just a reflection of the objective of this caricature rather than a literal translation which might not make sense. Haitham Issam titled it as getting “THE Chick” which might be a bit more accurate.

    yes midriffs are becoming popular as are hair highlights. i don’t know the metaphorical meaning behind exposed boxers, I tend to keep mine in my pants. as for throwing their numbers…well not all of them 😀

    I think the point was not so much saying that Ammani guys are superficial or that Ammani girls are superficial but rather that this is what superficial Ammani guys do to attract the ultimate superficial Ammani girl. And in that sense, it’s fairly accurate 🙂

  3. Ammani girls ARE superficial, or trying to be !
    because everything in this skitch by Osama is ABSOLOUTELY TRUE!
    nowadays in amman there are 3 types of guys and 3 types of gals, no more creativity or geekness around! everyone is just imitating!

    anyway, wonderful touch, guys in the company liked it on the morning 🙂

    long time me no comment in here 🙂
    Nice new design by the way.

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