Timeshares In Heaven

I’m torn between liking this idea and hating it as well. I’ve been to Mecca and Medina (thank God) and I admit I was always taken aback by some of the hotels that were so luxurious they served as a stark contrast to their humble surroundings and humble beginnings. I feel it’s almost a contradiction especially when one considers the fact that the Prophet pbuh’s home was smaller than a standard apartment room. The ZamZam tower is a luxurious 5 star establishment that is basically a time share i.e. you pay a lot of money to be able to visit it once a year. You can even pass the deed down to your next of kin upon death. I wonder if there are timeshares in heaven?

From a recent article:

The ZamZam tower offers a week’s lease on a studio-size unit with city views for about $6,800 in the slow season but the same size unit with views of the House of Allah, the Kaaba, costs about $175,000 to lease during the month of Hajj, a correspondent for The Guardian reported.

But the new timeshare angers historian Irfan Ahmed Al Alawi, also co-chairman of the Islamic Heritage Foundation, set up to protect sites of cultural and historical interest in Mecca.

“This timeshare is the exploitation and commercialization of a holy city,” he said. “Marble flooring and five-star accommodation will not enhance your pilgrimage or make you a better Muslim.” [source]

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