Invading Michigan & Delaying Elections

According to the latest “10 Foot Poll” the consensus seems to be that both Iran and Michigan are in danger of being invaded by the US as a reaction to North Korea’s nuclear test last month. Meanwhile, Syria is safe…for now.

On to more serious issues:

The Jordanian Parliament returns to a normal session at the end of this month and there are rumors abound that parliamentary elections scheduled for next year might be delayed. If this does happen the government will be sending the biggest signal that it has failed at any sort of political reform in the past year and a half specifically. The factor that would play the biggest role in any such delay is most likely the fear and/or speculation that elections in Jordan would probably lead to the Islamic party dominating the parliament due to the recent shift in social conservatism in the region coupled with the successful rise of political Islam in the form of Hizballah, Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Is this likely to happen? Yeah, pretty much. Whether that’s a good or bad thing is up for oneself to decide. The direction Islamists would lead the country might be appealing to some and not so much to others.

That being said, a new 10 Foot Poll question emerges to ask:

Should parliamentary elections be delayed?


  • Will, lets assume it gets delayed, what they’ll do to undermine the Islamists taking over the parliament in the next 4 years?

    The government has failed at political reform (talk about quoting people out of context :p), now in my opinion the current parliament is a living proof that the government has always failed in achieving political reform! This fact it supported when Firas was booed by 40-50 something people because he said the current parliament is all about “Jaha and Manasef” with all my due respect to some of it’s members. It turns out that these 40-50 something people share the same family names of current PMs 😉

  • Firas, ah year but i said “in the past year and a half specifically” and I was referring to the promises that the national agenda recommendations would be implemented. I should also clarify by adding the failure is based primarily on a lack of attempt on the government’s part.

    that being said political parties are also in part to blame. elections next year will yield pretty much the same results; different faces but familiar names. the only predictable change will be a big increase in islamists.

    as for undermining them. its hard to tell. in my opinion there might be changes to the voting districts to either decrease the representation for places like amman, irbid and zarqa (mostly the former) and/or increasing the representation in the’s kind of like walking next to someone ugly…doesn’t make you anymore beautiful..just better looking by comparison.

  • “doesnâ??t make you anymore beautiful..just better looking by comparison” Can I borrow this? That was something my friend, very smart.

    Anyways, I think by delaying the elections they’ll give Islamists more support. Now Hamas was elected because the others simply sucked, not because people believe Hamas is better.

    The most troubling part is the Islamists don’t have a clear agenda, all they got is: We fear God, we know religion, vote for us. I think the government should take this an opportunity to measure their real strength in the Jordanian street and give democracy a chance!

    I agree that Jordanian parties share a huge responsibility, they are either afraid,supported by hostile Arab and regional regimes, or started the party just for the hell of it (the Jaha, avoiding the wife on weekends (honey I got an important meeting I need to prepare for, so please be quiet).

    Another issue, is that many of Palestinian-Jordanians are completely withdrawn, they don’t vote or care anymore.

    One nation from all roots and origins, regardless of family name, bank account,town,wasta,looks – under God? Someday…someday

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