Midterm Results

[8:14pm] The results are not in yet and I guess I’ll spend the night flipping channels between Battlestar Galactica and network TV reports on the mid terms. I’m guessing the Republicans will keep the Senate but will lose the House. Although I’m not sure about the latter actually. In the past month or so enough dirt has been flung to make every politician in America look filthy. An evangelical ultra conservative is exposed for having sex with a male prostitute. A republican steps down for sending sexual emails to a young male intern. Strange how next to the failure in Iraq, any dirt that seems to gather on the surface of the Republican party’s portfolio seems to involve very old men looking for sex with very young men. It’s kinda ironic.

On a personal note I do hope the Republicans stay in power. Bush will be legacy hunting in these next two years so it would be interesting to see him fail despite all odds. Rendering him a lame duck is like losing with an excuse. Its been 6 years so at this point I’m more interested in the history than the politics.

Will this happen though? Well everywhere I go people are saying Americans would have to be crazy not to take this opportunity to shift the power away from the current executive. I’m actually depending on that. After electing Jesse Ventura, Arnold Schwarzenegger and President Bush, twice, I have to admit, the odds are pretty good.

[11:52pm] Democrats take control of the House. Schwarzenegger re-elected.

[10:25pm – The Following Night] Allen loses virginia; score one for the mucacas of the world. Dems. take the Senate.


  • Hi Nas, yeah, I’m disgusted with the whole male-in-authority-drunk-with-power-can’t-keep-his-pants-on sink hole.
    We didn’t even vote this election. As Evangelicals, we feel used by this administration and want to distence ourselves from any Evangelical leader with more power than he can handle. I just read an article about this man a couple months ago and thought “He is just TOO together…don’t see the humility a man in his position has to have to stay out of trouble”.

    I am thankful the JP blogosphere didn’t act like MSM and make a laughing stock of us.

    Now why would you want the Republicans stay in power? Just curious.

  • Hey Nas, off topic, but saw you are in both Living Well and VIVA this month…what a guy! Ready to run for office? You’d have the female vote it seems!

  • I wanted R to stay power for other reasons.

    But I’m looking at the good things that is coming such as:

    Rummie just resigned 😀 😀 😀

    Happy days people, happy days.

  • Damn I’ve missed that, I just walked by the TV which was on Alaribya and they had this breaking news message: Bush accepts Rumsfled’s resignation I was too excited to listen to Bush.

    after a series of thoughtful conversationsâ?? Oh my God, I wouldn’t spoil this, I’ll wait for Stewart’s comment about this. Bush is now all talk about new changes in the Pentagon.

    So who do you think the Dems will nominate in 2008? I think Hillary would not be a wise choice.

    thoughtful conversations! 😀

  • Firas: hillary would get beat in the primaries and the dems need a win so i doubt she’ll even get the nomination. even “commander in chief” got canceled.

    Kerry will probably make a come back depending on his moves in the next few months.

    If it was up to me, I’d give Bush another 8 years…just for the sense of humor (and of course the whole tearing the world apart thing)

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