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I hate telephones. I hate calling and I hate receiving calls. They are an absolute last resort for me. I hate cell phones more. I hate having to carry one around; it’s uncomfortable in my hand and uncomfortable in my pocket. I hate having one more thing to worry about losing or forgetting some place some where. BUT I recognize the need for telephones in this day and age and it’s difficult to survive without them. Especially in Amman for some reason. Although in Toronto I’ve managed to survive 5 years without a cell phone thank God.

There are more things I hate about cellphones such as this compulsive need everyone suddenly has to have lengthy discussions about models and prices and customizations every single minute. The fact that the cellphone has become a topical issue, a conversational centerpiece, disturbs me. I hate camera phones and people clicking anything that moves these days.

But here’s what I hate the most, what irritates me the most, the point of this specific post of my current discontent:

Everywhere I go now, whether Toronto or Amman or Amsterdam or London or where have you: people are walking around talking on their phones. Mostly young people but nevertheless, generally people.

And wherever I am, whether at work, in a class, on a bus, people are having lengthy conversations: in other words it’s not a 1 minute “don’t forget to buy milk” type of conversation, it’s more like a soap opera dialogue. Everywhere people are talking for the longest time in public about the oddest things. On a public bus in Toronto I overhear a hundred conversations about who did what, when, where and why.

Naturally my curiosity is driven to ask the obvious question: is there so much to talk about in our lives that we have to do it practically every minute of the day? Are our lives that rich and full that we have an abundance of stories to tell?

I mean rarely have I had a phone conversation that has lasted over 10 minutes (excluding family calls from overseas). I can sum up my whole week in 10 minutes and rarely do I make a call that serves no purpose. Yet I’m blown away by people who go on and on and on about the most mundane things for an hour…in public…and loudly.

For the life of me, I wish I knew what they were talking about that deserved so much dedication of time, energy and credits.


  • LOL … Phone cameras are good! a picture is worth a thousand words, remember?! Also, what makes it mundane? maybe it’s not so mundane to them?! I enjoy lengthy fruitful discussions over the telephone! But i do admit, I hate loud lengthy phone conversation in SPANISH early in the morning on the train!

    We have to get you a cell phone on your B-day!

  • LOL, I hate phone calls too! but there are times where I feel like talking and spend soemtime on the phone… But the most irritating thing for me is when I am with my friends, and in stead of talkign and spending time together, they receive calls or exchange pics ang ring tones via blue tooth!

  • I totally agree, and everyone who knows me would tell you that I don’t desreve having a phone 😀 I never answer, I never call back, message, reply, or do anything. I just find it all sooo tedious

  • ola: ah the dreadful bluetooth…sigh

    roba: lol then what the heck do you carry one around for? a weapon? that’s what my motorola d520 (aka il-ganwa) was for back in the day…ah…high school 😀

  • i think i was the last person who got a phone in uni!! hehe but its become A MUST!! if u dont have a phone its like ur crippled

    btw u never answer my posts … *sigh* *walks away sadly… kicks pebble.. disappears in a dark forest

  • “Yet Iâ??m blown away by people who go on and on and on about the most mundane things for an hourâ?¦in publicâ?¦and loudly.”

    LOOOL that is so true … People talk about the weirdest things, and somehow it seems to go on forever. You just want to shush them, you know!

    Poor Dino 😛

  • Jordanians are obsessed with cellphones.

    For my self all I need is a cellphone that can makes phone calls, receive them and show me the caller’s number

    So how often do I change my cell phone? Like never.

    One of my friends: Firas, how come you are carrying such a cellphone?
    Firas: What, what?What’s wrong with it?Ok I know it’s ancient old,falling apart but look who is talking, you don’t even own one!
    Guy: Well you know that I can’t afford one, but if I ever get one I’ll buy something expensive in the 250-300 JD range, though after I get it I won’t be able to charge it, like everyone else 😀
    Firas: Hehehe

    Changing your cell every 2 months is pure evil,soulless and says a lot about u.

    Anyways, I can’t stand those people with those cellphones that play mp3 files, God no one is really interested in hearing your wacky songs, use a headphone you moron.

    PS: Nas, just googled your cell phone, lol even mine looks way more advanced (it got colors, and plays those fancy ringtones :p)

  • Firas, lol I don’t use the d520 anymore…not since 2001 but even then it was by 21st century standards not much of a fashion statement. however it did help me open pepsi bottles and pick up alien signals.

  • Yabaya, ana weeyak, ya Nas. I got a cell-phone last month because I caught so much GRIEF (it’s not the word I wanted to use) from all my friends about being the ONLY mom in my kid’s school without one. Now, schools send instant messages to report when school times and activities change.I won’t give my number to anyone except emergencies because I hate being bothered.

    Get this, my prayer partner…we are praying together, talking to GOD Almighty, her phone rings and she picks up! Picks it up as we are praying! Ang, shu hada? I guess I better talk to her about it.

    The only reason I gotone is that it was given to me by an ex-pat who moved. I know I need one in case of an accident, but I’ll be like Roba 🙂

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