RIP Mr.Eko

(Danger Will Robinson, Danger!: the following post contains a LOST spoiler)

Maybe the island is indeed Limbo. Maybe the passengers of Oceanic Flight 815 all died but are stuck between heaven and hell waiting to be judged. The death of Eko is an episode laced in religious connotations: flashbacks to Eko replacing his brother as a priest, Locke telling Desmond not to mistake coincidence with fate and on the other island Ben asks Jack whether he believes in God. One day you discover a tumor on your spine and 48 hours later a spinal doctor drops from the sky; what more proof does one need asks Ben. And after all is said and done, with Eko’s sins revealed to us, a black cloud (perhaps the accumulation of all those sins) beats him to death.

Whatever the theory, the drop in LOST’s ocean of theories, the bottom line is that Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje should win a frikin award for his stellar performance in this episode.

Rest In Peace Mr. Eko


  • Nas, you should really stop blogging about Lost, some of us cannot stop reading, and I believe you spoiled the episode for me. You should at least have a big “spoiler” banner on the top.

    I was in Amman and the last episode I saw was S03E03.

    Which one are you talking about?

  • Sari: oh man sorry, I honestly forgot the disclaimer..I’ll put one up now. This is episode 5. But good news (kinda), next week is the last episode until February…so you’ll be up to date.

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