Rebooting The Iris

So the new look is finally up. I wanted to go with something a little more personal while maintaining a degree of jordan-ness. It’s a little darker than the old one but I’m a night owl so it suits me. There are still things to do, some code to clean up. It’s difficult to do anything creative on a blog since it doesn’t always translate well in IE. So for the love of God please convert to Foxism; it makes the world all pretty and such.

Firefox 2


  • very nice new look! inm soo bad with all the html stuff and computers in general i think it would be too complicated for me to change my blog :S ill just admire other ppl’s blogs πŸ™‚

  • Oops! somethign here went wrong! I commented and my comment appeared under sheden’s name, her name was saved on the computer since she used it couple of days ago… I guessed I should clarify this lest shaden get confused or soemthing πŸ˜€

  • Nice Nice..i liked it!!
    shld not be there a shodow or sth for the little third leg of the seat :d LOL

    i enjoy reading your blog Nas , keep the good work UP!!

  • Thanks everybody!

    ola: don’t let her use your computer (as punishment). also that header will make another apperance but in a different way, inshallah soon πŸ™‚

    Fad: lol that was for roba’s “messiest room” competition. πŸ˜€

    Rana: I’m a guy…our kind sucks at the details :-p

  • Too bad I’m well known for my honest opinion:D

    It just misses the Jordan feel to it, no? the previous one was really soaked with the Jordanian scent (especially the wonderfull pics)and the black Iris was somewhat projected in that.

    Maybe if you change the skyline a bit,into something more traditional? (it doesnt really have an Arabic feel to it:p) or a black Iris in tha vase of urs:p

    But the black is awesome

  • ohoud, yeah those are black iris in the vase πŸ˜€

    but yeah i see what you’re saying except i didn’t want to go in that direction with the skyline lest it turn out an imitation of roba’s wicked header. although i’m thinking about putting the flag.

    thanks for the honesty.

  • the new look will probably also stop people from assuming you are female. that’s actually what i first thought when i discovered this site. i’m not sure how i got that impression. i guess it’s because your blog is named after a flower.

  • I miss being a night owl. The world is so much more relaxing and peaceful when the masses are tucked away in their beds. And it’s the best time to do productive work.

    Too bad there are too many habits I have to give up as I integrate myself into the real world. These, making it past midnight signifies a small victory for me over the System.

    Nice layout. πŸ™‚

  • no no no…. what did u do Nas!! the image has completely changed… I don’t have the same thoughts when I look at ur blog as I used to… it does not “feel” the sameÒ?¦ u r very less Jordanian, look very fafee and lost ur edgeÒ?¦ where are the nice photos on the heading… u look so much like bakkouz or roba or the other geeks and I felt “uneasy” looking at this… made me sad… I am very sad… take of the “a Jordanian blog” thing… this is a fafee abdouni blog!

  • The first thing one is greeted with upon visiting your blog is the in your face shoes! what’s up with that? Didn’t your parents tell you not to sit with your feet up in people’s faces?! But over all, it’s pretty cool…

    I am not sure though if you meant for the ‘A Jordanian Blog’ logo to be in pink? The color is pink ..I suggest you change it to either red or green!

    [quote comment=”13116″]… made me sad… I am very sad… take of the “a Jordanian blog” thing… this is a fafee abdouni blog![/quote]

    Nas, perhaps you can replace the modern hip look with a more traditional look …hmm, possibly wast il balad in a strip theme, capturing the most authentic landmarks and labeling them, with street signs possibly, group of traditional looking crowd – a more authentic setting ya3ni, something like that! just a thought!

  • Oula: lol at fafee abdouni. well abdoun is part of jordan ya know. and technically it is the place i call home whenever i go back. and i guess i’ve always been a geek so that’s nothing new either :-p

    anyways i wanted to change it up a bit and make it more me, myself and I. and as hala said, it take a little getting used to. πŸ™‚

  • Well Abdoun IS part of Jordan, but a very small part u know… small not only in space, but in how much it represents this country… it is and example jordan’s hesitation and economic policy failure… i received some of my foreign friends who work as journalists the other day and when we passed by abdoun they said .”…and u people ask us for money… u guys are rich”.
    Anyway, I like the flag today, and I like the colors of “a Jordanian blog” but I hate the guy… DO U LOOK LIKE THAT??!” coz we readers of ur blog don’t know how u look, and suddenly, u show us this weird guy with his shoes up in our faces…
    “anyways i wanted to change it up a bit and make it more me, myself and I”… mmmm….
    ba3dein what’s with the shoes… roba has shoes, u have shoes… will take a photo of my shoes and put it on my blog… will THAT make me a famous blogger?!!!!

  • Hi Nas! I posted after Pheras back there, but it didn’t work.

    Just want to say I like it! But it does need something Urdony…maybe the kafiyya lying on the chair?

    Why don’t your posts show up on JP now? I was afraid you stopped blogging early. πŸ™

  • oula: “ba3dein whatÒ??s with the shoes” I think most people in the world own shoes. πŸ™‚

    kinzi: i don’t know why they don’t show up there any more. i guess i’ve been exiled.

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