A Halloween Movie Survival Guide

It’s that time of year again. Kids all across North America dress up in Taiwanese made costumes and roam their neighborhoods in search of candy or good houses to teepee. High glucose pagan rituals are not celebrated in Jordan, except for Valentine’s Day, but it’s a big deal over here. As for me, due to an unfortunate incident during freshmen year that involved an attempt to resurrect a dormant part of my childhood, I am required by a court order to remain home and watch horror movies that are on basically every channel. Let me be frank, I’ve never been fond of horror movies. Mostly because living alone in a basement apartment, in a part of town that, shall we say, boasts a high mortality rate for all the wrong reasons, is cause enough to be scared on any given day. But also because I find horror movies to be usually pretty silly and offer more laughs than fears.

In every movie genre you have your good, your bad and your classic; the horror genre just tends to be flooded with the bad more so than any other. The late 90’s really dug a grave for this genre with a slew of bad movies and their endless sequels like Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer. Then the 21st century came around and gave us just as bad movies like The Ring and The Grudge. Here’s a few that I consider to be “good” movies that have great stories, scenes and chilling music, which one put together stand a good chance of creeping you out:

1- The Exorcist
2- The Omen
3- The Shining
4- The Silence of the Lambs
5- The Others
6- Flatliners
7- The Sixth Sense
8- Event Horizon
9- Frailty
10- Se7en

But if you’re looking to rent a movie this Halloween I would go with less scary and more Halloween goodies like The Addams’ Family or The Nightmare Before Christmas (it’s back: and in 3D!). Or might I suggest reading a Stephan King classic; that always did the trick for me.


  • “I find horror movies to be usually pretty silly and offer more laughs than fears.”
    That’s probably what some movie producers were thinking when they decided to make Cabin Fever, a scary funny zombie flick.

  • nas,

    i know you didnâ??t like The Ring, but i didnâ??t sleep for a few days after i saw it…i think it was the girl coming out of the TV that did it. i totally agree with you on the Others! and by the way, i know you havenâ??t been home for a few All Hallows but the private schools celebrate the day and the kids get to wear costumes…and in the Abdoun area, parties are in full swing….Pagan holiday celebration right after the holy month…very eclectic

  • lksfadljk: i hear ya

    upyernoz: yeah it was alright as a comedy

    fad: yeah i know they do that in private schools…we used to have thanksgiving at MAS remember? Remember when the pilgrams landed at petra and killed a turkey?

    muhamad: ugh, hated it

    Shaden: ring was just too confusing in the end to be scary. SAW is more psychological thriller but not as good as se7ven in that genre.

  • u know anything we watch when we were kids no matter how silly u might find it now it still has a great impact on us psychologically.. like that movie ” IT” .. i heard so much abt it but when i saw it now.. i was like.. emm emmm not soo scary kind of funny!! i still cant get over JAWS :S

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