Eid Mubarak!

Let me first say Eid mubarak to everyone and their families. Eid il-Fitir is tomorrow, Monday 23rd, although Jordan will have an additional day. For the religious I guess this shouldn’t matter as the six white days start on the second day of Eid so there’s still plenty of fasting to be done.

Let me end by saying, as I’ve said before, that for the past five years while abroad I’ve had the best Ramadan spiritually speaking. However the missing element has always been family, friends and the general environment that the motherland has to offer. At no time is that more epitomized than during Eid il-Fitir (and Eid Al-Adha). No ma3mool, no Arabian coffee, no sweets, no mansaf, no fresh haircut or new clothes and going to the prayers is a public transportation hassle. It’s those small things that one misses, some good and some bad, some just damn annoying.

One thing I don’t miss so much is all the kissing formalities…


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