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Now I am a typical male who knows just about nothing when it comes to fashion, specifically what women choose to wear. However I have to admit that when the fashion industry starts producing and promoting clothes for women with 23½-inch waists, it’s a cause for concern, no? Is anorexia a fad now? I thought it was supposed to be a disease?

If you remember the days before there was a size zero, you might have to brace yourself for some unsettling fashion news: there is now a size smaller than nil. A negative size if you will. Next fall, designer Nicole Miller will introduce something tentatively called the “subzero” for women with 23½-inch waists and 35-inch hips. And this spring, Banana Republic began offering an equally tiny “00” on its Web site.

If you’re having trouble picturing a minus-size woman, think of the waifish Spice Girl turned soccer wife Victoria Beckham who is reputed to be small enough to fit into a subzero. One newspaper compared her waist to the circumference of a soccer ball, but it might be even tinier than thatâ??23 1/2 inches is closer to the size of the smaller soccer balls recommended for kids. [source]

Victoria Beckham


  • wow, of course it’s a disease! somebody should sue the designer. This trend should not be encouraged, more teenagers are manipulated by fashion and will certainly blindly follow the new trend, but can we blame them? both men and women are affected by what they see on the screen, more women will think that minus zero is not only possible but is trendy and cool and more men will demand that their women get as thin as they can as long as they’re still alive.

    This is just crazy. I think that healthily full women are actually more feminine, at least they suffer less and are more normal for lack of a better word.

  • That’s funny – I thought 00 exited for a while now. Gabrielle (Eva Longoria) in Desperate Housewives gave her designer shit for daring to say she should try a size 0 Dolce & Gabanna, and she screamed at him that she’s a 00. This is how i know that 00 exits. Yes, I am addicted to Desperate Housewives. You know what? Forget about it, let’s not go there!

  • This is scary, but whatâ??s worse is seeing females (As well as males) trying to fit in a subzero size while their actual size is 38 🙂

    You know what, even Victoria Bekham is not satisfied with her body. YES… believe it or not, , I read a long article in AlRai newspaper about how much she was disappointed and not satisfied with her naked body !! what did i say naked ?

    The article was on the last page of section 1 or 2, it detailed her feelings about her naked body when she was in front of a mirror. I thought that was shocking!!

    Of course I wont say I was shocked because of the article, because I will be tagged as a (Closed-minded) person !! Instead I was so sad and feeling down for her !!!

    What was the editor thinking???

    I think ia m off topic now 🙂 ill just go post about it lol

  • I don’t watch Desperate Housewives, but I have also known of the existence of size 00 for some time. Interestingly enough, there has been more and more pressure recently to ban size zero models. Just recently for a fashion show in Madrid, a decision was made not to allow models with a BMI of under 18 to participate and supposedly organizers of London’s Fashion week are being urged to do the same.

  • anorexia skinny is nasty not doubt, but what’s so bad about size 0? one brand’s size 0 is another’s size 2 …one brand’s size 2 is another’s size 4

    each fit is different, each style is different!

    banning overly thin models would be discrimination! :d

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