Layali Madaba

I just read about this wonderful cultural event in the Jordan Times today. Madaba, one of my favourite cities in the country that is also known as the ‘city of mosaics’, is holding a cultural festival of sorts known as Layali Madaba (Madaba Nights). From what I’ve read it seems to be an attempt to mix Ramadan’s cultural significance with Madabaâ??s Christian heritage as the backdrop in an attempt to promote the latter, which is naturally a brilliant idea. It will run for one week through Eid Il-Fitir.

If you’ve never been to Madaba then you’re missing out on a serious part of history; both archaeological and religious. I like the idea, based on what I’ve read, simply for the way it attempts to strike a harmonious chord of both cultural and religious unity in the country. Not to mention the fact that the way it’s organized seems to be very family friendly, a theme that is becoming increasingly and disappointingly rare in the country.

Also, it’s about time some serious promotion was done for Madaba. According to the article a repeat of the festival will take place around Christmas. I wish I was there to attend but hopefully it will be successful and I can catch it in the years to come.

If anyone reading this does happen to go, please take pictures and blog a review for us. If youâ??re not a blogger then Iâ??ll post the pictures and review for you here on The Black iris.


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