Getting Lost In LOST & Finding The Nine

Danger!! Danger Will Robinson!! This post contains spoilers!!

Wow! This is the only word to describe the shocker what was this season’s premiere episode of LOST. It’s official, there is nothing more interesting on this island other than who the hell the mysterious “others” are and this episode’s first 5 minutes probably put the cyberspace theorists into overdrive.

No huts, no rags for clothes, but an actual community on the island in the form of your everyday American suburbs complete with the GAP clothes and the book clubs. For a minute I thought the cast of Desperate Housewives had joined LOST. But it was a flashback to the moment the plane crashed from the point of view of the “others”.

The whole episode revolved around Jack, Kate and Sawyer having been captured by the “others” and now in their own separate and unique “prison cells”, with Jack’s flashbacks to his angry and complex relationship with his father. Mathew Fox I think has really taken his acting one step up from previous seasons.

This seems to be the direction of the season and the story: it’s going to be all about the “others”, their intentions, their plans, their lives and all the secrets that entail.

After LOST was the series premiere of The NINE the premise of which was very interesting along the lines of LOST. We get a glimpse of nine lives that all come together moments before two bank robbers decide to hold the place up. The show then cuts to 52 hours later after the robbery ends. The show is about what happens to these nine lives after the robbery. Every episode will reveal flashbacks to what happened during those hours.

I have to admit it’s an interesting premise. It reminded me of a first year political science course I took once where my professor defined nationalism as a group of people with a common tragic history. At the time he used an example of a bank robbery.

But premise aside, the pilot episode fell short of higher expectations.

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