Foley Erect

Well it’s been the bombshell story in American politics these last few days: Republican Mark Foley resigned on Friday after several “naughty” emails were exposed on ABC which he wrote to former male teenage pages; minors. In an Austin Power’s moment Foley asks the page “Do I make you a little horny?”. The rest of the excerpts read like something NBC would’ve shown in Dateline’s “To Catch a Predator”. But Whitehouse Press Secretary Tony Snow called the emails “naughty” at best.

What’s worse is that Republican leaders knew about the emails a year ago but kept it on the down low to preserve his congressional seat for the upcoming mid-term elections.

Before resigning in the scandal Foley was the chairman of the House Caucus on Missing and Exploited Children. Irony?

I have been saying this forever now: American politics is just so damn entertaining compared to the rest of the world.

The Daily Show coverage:


  • No way!he was kept in that position till the last minute while they knew about him..just to keep face for the congree?this IS entertaing..but very sad.

  • If the congressman was a Democrat, Tony Snow would’ve called him a rapist or a pedophile. How do we vote for such idiotic perverts?!

  • Yeah, this one is really embarrassing, I ain’t gonna apologize for this creep. Not only is he one of the guys running my beloved country, he’s also a Republican, which makes it twice as bad. If he was a Democrat, at least I would have gotten some satisfaction out of it, in a sick kind of way.

    Lovely democracy ain’t it?

  • Ray, “Lovely democracy ainâ??t it?” yeah but you know it’s times like these when there’s something to be said about fascism 😀

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