Another Dishonorable Crime

The most recent and 12th “honor” crime in the Kingdom is one that is a bit curious and even more outrageous than the usual. The story apparently is that a 17-year-old boy comes into the house to discover his 22-year-old married sister signing a letter and handing it to her father; the letter containing a list of “lovers” she’s had extramarital affairs with. The boy grabs the letter from his father, becomes enraged and stabs his sister with a knife repeatedly until she dies. A secondary source claims the sister and her husband were seeking a divorce before the incident. Interrogators don’t seem to be buying the story; I’ve never heard of women who write confession letters to their fathers listing the men they’ve slept with.

The sad part I suppose is that even with handwriting analysis proving the letter is a fake, I donâ??t think it will alter much in the verdict given that he confessed to â??cleansing his familyâ??s honorâ?.


  • and sadly, I don’t think this outrageous (to say the very least) ‘tradition’ will ever stop …

    -What gives any man or boy the right to take away another life!
    -Why is honor(what is honor anyway!) only female related!

    I can’t begin to understand …

  • There seems to be much confusion about Crimes of Honor, no thanks to the selection of the name which confuses everyone.

    The problem in this case is not the crime, but the problem is the punishment, or lack there of.

    Meaning, when someone kills for honor or claims to do so, the killer gets of the hook with a light sentence if the killer is male.

    You will find crimes of honor in Brazil, India, Indonesia. But the dishonor in Jordan is for the official establishment that gets the murderer off the hook lightly not because religion permits it, but because we allow pagan norms (jahelliyah) that predated Islam to take precedent over both religious or modern laws.

    On of the few things we in Jordan can call truly ours 🙂

  • what i donâ??t get is how one sibling can kill another in cold blood.

    QUESTION: 1) is it that easy and guilt free to off your sister? should sisters every where in Jordan be on the look out for younger brothers?
    2) if we humans (and i use the term loosely) are supposed to be learning from God’s Laws…then why donâ??t we just read the story of Kane and Able. one sibling kills the other (doesnâ??t matter why)and God SPITES Kane, puts a mark on his forehead so all know him for what he is and then God sends him into the wilderness. i donâ??t see any of these A*%#*& being marked, Spited or sent into any wilderness by our powers that be.
    3)in this latest cold blooded killing, as the brother stabbed his sister to her death, what was the father doing? watching? cheering him on? calling the police?
    4) if a woman killed her father, brother, husband, cousin or what have you because he had committed adultery, coveted his neighborâ??s wife or had relations out of the sanctity of marriage…THEN YOU CAN REST ASSURED THAT WOMEN WOULD BE JUDGED AND KILLED FASTER THAN OUR RESIDENT WOULD BE BOMBER!!!!


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