Quoting Late Night On Quoting The Pope Quoting The Emperor

I was kind of surprised to see some of the late night comedy shows like The Daily Show and The Colbert Report take a pretty balanced approach to the Pope’s comments insulting the Prophet pbuh. There was a jab at the Pope’s, shallwe say “misguidedness” as well as the absurd reaction of some Muslims. And for some reason the Jews became the butt of some of these jokes as well. Maybe it’s because most of these comedy writers happen to be Jewish? But I think Stewart and Colbert got it right…

The Daily Show

“…the church will reconcile with Islam when Jews stop putting black death in our water”

Also last night on Conan O’Brien Larry King joined him to do the “In The Year 2000” sketch where he said “After insulting Muslims the Pope will only make things worse by saying: ‘I acted like a real Jew'”

The Colbert Report


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