Another Canadian Rockstar

I kind of dug the first Rockstar season with INXS even though I wasn’t a fan of the band but the talents were great and the fact that there was finally a reality show about picking a Rockstar and not just someone-who-can-sing-like-britney-spears, playing songs I actually cared about, really appealled me. Or maybe after hundreds of reality shows someone was bound to make one I actually thought was cool. But I really got into this summer’s Rockstar Supernova with seasoned rockers Tommy Lee, Jason Newsted and Gilbey Clarke and tonight they crowned a new Rockstar to front their new band and it’s yet another Canadian: Lukas Rossi who I’ve been rooting for from the get go. The guy has some stellar grungy pipes and worked hard to perfect his sound. I think he wrote one of the best original songs with “Headspin” and hopefully it’ll be on the Supernova album. But I also think he did some of the best cover songs I’ve ever heard, particularly Radiohead’s “Creep” and Coldplay’s “Fix You”…


  • I Liked the 1st season of Rockstar very much, I especialy was a fan of one contestant, Jordis Unga, her voice was amzing, her performance of Nirvana’s the man who sold the world was absolutely incredible. even though she did have some not so strong performances but still, its a shame she didn’t win.

  • yeah that was a good cover. im not good with names but i liked that british guy who did the piano stripped down version of frampton’s “baby i love your way”.

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