The Black Iris: A Work In Progress

I kinda like my blog’s theme and K2 is still pretty functional as far as wordpress themes go. So I decided to keep it and just do a bit of tweaking even though the fasion I suppose is a complete revamp or reboot, especially when the seasons change. But what can I say, I’m old skool that way.

So I’m still making the minor changes here and there, especially putting up a standard header for those who don’t have flash as well as setting up a dedicated page for Jordanian Culture as soon as I figure out a clever way to organize the links. In the meantime, people, please, for the love of God get Firefox.

But in the meantime I wanted to point out, and in the process humbly thank, Jordanian bloggers who gave me some new and beautiful pictures for the header. There are currently 15, 3 of which are mine that I brought back (because I’m old skool) and I’ll be adding some more as time goes by. If anyone has any high resolution photos of their own please email me.

So my eternal gratitude to Roba, Lina, Ibrahim and Khawaja. Also the props to the Visit Jordan site that had two cool photos I couldn’t help but taking.


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