Prince Zeid Ra’ad Al-Hussein The Next UNSG?

Our ambassador to the UN Prince Zeid Al-Hussein has entered the race for the UN Secretary General position as Kofi steps down this year. The prince, who is the King’s cousin, does stand out politically; he has the educational background in politics and the experience and respect as a diplomat. Call me cynical but the likelihood of an Arab Muslim getting the job is pretty slim in my opinion, especially with regards to regional turmoil. South Korea looks like the more likely candidate. I don’t know whether the Prince’s origin and religion will come into play but it will play a role and I think the mass media is bound to pick up on it.

Japan’s U.N. ambassador, Kenzo Oshima, said he had no problem with Zeid’s nationality, telling reporters, “Asia is diverse. There is nothing problematic about anyone coming from that part of the world as a candidate,” Oshima said. “He is as equally entitled to candidacy as any others.” [source]

There was talk much earlier in the year of him being a serious candidate so I don’t know why there was such a long wait for him to throw his hat in the ring. That being said, the prince being the next UNSG would elevate Jordan and put the moderate Arab Muslim in the spotlight on the international stage in a time when it is in demand. And for that very reason I’m inclined to believe that many nations might not want to see that happen and it might work to his disadvantage when voting time come around.

That being said, I hope he gets the job. It will age him 40 years but I hope he gets it.

(Petra)รƒยข??Jordan officially asked the Arab League Council’s 126th session, due to convene Wednesday, to support its nomination of His Royal Highness Prince Zeid Bin Raad for the UN General Secretary post to succeed Kofi Annan, and to consider His Royal Highness as a pan-Arab nomination.

Jordan’s permanent representative to the Arab League Omar Rifai handed tonight a memorandum in this regard to the Arab League Secretary General. [source]


  • I heared about this a few days ago and could not post because I still have mixed feelings. Of course this will make us proud as Jordanians but the UNSG is the most difficult task in the World. As we have seen in the Israeli aggression against Lebanon the UN is being degraded to a very marginal role by the USA. I remember when Butros Ghali was SG each one in the Arab world blamed him for not ending the Israeli occupation. Personally I prefer to see John Bolton as UNSG since this will reflect the reality in the UN system.

  • I don’t think it’s a good idea! It might make us fee proud as Jordanians, but for what exactly? I mean, look at the role UN is palying, they are technically sitting on the curb… And we don’t need more rantings about Jordan being a puppet in the hands of USA…

    Well, maybe he will do something, in that case, I htink it’s worht a shot

  • ola and batir, what you say is true and is a sad reality. nevertheless the un has it’s ups and downs, its been marginalized before.

    as for being a puppet, people have been ranting about jordan being a puppet of the US since before jordan came to be. so let the dogs bark at the clouds.

  • Well, it certainly would be difficult. I mean look at how Kofi Anan is blamed and hated on by both sides when it comes to the Middle East. The next UNSG is going to inherit that.

    But having said that, one has to think: this is one good chance of having some influence in world leadership, is there anything worth passing it just like that?


  • These was talk about Prince Hassan being interested in the job. I suspect that the purpose of this nomination is to sabotage his chances.

  • LOL why do we always hear that prince Hassan is interested isn everything? ๐Ÿ˜€ first the monarchy of Iraq (Oh my God! Don’t make me start) and now the UNSG… is it him or what?

  • ola, yeah i was wondering the same thing. he rarely speaks and when he does it has nothing to do with seeking employment. these are the kind of rumors that never die down and will exist for years to come simply because he didn’t become king. people are under the impression there’s some sort of power struggle within the family. too many mafia movies ๐Ÿ˜€

  • I believe HRH Prince Zeid Bin Raad would make an ideal UNSG. Apart from the fact that he is a very decent and intelligent man in his own right, he is a Hashemite, which would put him above the fray in terms of dealing effectively and authoritatively with the world’s most intractable conflicts throughout the Arab and Muslim world today. He would command respect from all parties in the region, which is plagued by internal and trans- national conflict, not to mention foreign occupation and threats of civil wars. The fact that he is a member of the Iraqi branch of the Hashemite dynasty would give him an added edge in dealing with the region’s most pressing problem in Iraq. Being from Jordan, a sane country in a region gone mad, would further his credentials, particularly as he is backed by HM King Abdullah II. The west and the east have a lot of respect for Jordan and its monarchy. The Hashemire reign has proved, time and again, to be more in tune with global realities than other regimes in the region. Queen Rania is certainly the Arab and Muslim world’s icon of liberal thinking and enlightened leadership. The world simply needs more of Jordan’s Royal family as true representatives of Islam. What HM King Abdullah II has done for Islam far exceeds anythin done by anybody else in the Arab and Muslim world in terms of establishing a common ground with the West. HRH Prince Zeid Bin Raad, with just the right experience under his belt, has what it takes to do the job. We must all campaign to make him win for all of us in this troubled region and the rest of humanity. Good Luck!

  • I think he will be the one. He is the only one, with Abdullah II that ahs the ability to unite Muslims with the West, and Jordan has the most pull in the world in this arena.

    Jordan has the respect of pretty much the EU, G8, US, and most if not all the Arab states. It seems Abdullah has an uncanny knack of staying out of the media front pages while accomplishing more in the background. He is also pushing for moderation in the Islamic world wherever he goes, and having his relative as the SG can’t hurt his goals.

    So my guess is Zeid will be elected in with the issues in the ME currently, Jordan has the only bridge to both civilizations that seems to work.

  • I think he will certainly be the one ๐Ÿ˜‰
    i’m so glad for him .. so happy ๐Ÿ™‚
    nshallah he’ll be the one ๐Ÿ™‚
    GoOd LuCk ๐Ÿ™‚

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