Irbid Wedding Goes Horribly Wrong

What I wanna know is why people brought swords to a wedding…

IRBID (Petra) â?? A pre-wedding party for a young groom in Irbid took a turn for the worse following an altercation between attendees this week. A fight between relatives and friends of 25-year-old man culminated when a man brandishing a sword attacked the groom, pills severing six of his fingers the day before his wedding. According to Irbid Police Director Colonel Ayed Ajarmeh, the investigations revealed that eight people started the fight, seven of whom were arrested. An investigation is under way to determine the cause of the fight. [Jordan Times]


  • Roba, lool yeah that’s right, i forgot about that. i havent been to a wedding a looong time. but then again i think we bring too many weapons to those things.

  • Weapons do not belong in weddings or any other occasion for that matter … especially when there is a big tendency that a fight will break here and there … el sla7 a3ma … but the way I see it; people are more blind than the weapon …

    Ya3ny ma be3rafo yefra7o illa iza dabako be el seif???
    Wallah moshkeleh

  • im from there and i think guns are part of it if there was no guns is like taking some thing important from the event its part of our dredation we cant stop knwo but some times there a bad idea

  • It is a tragedy to turn a happy occasion into a sad and troubled one. All this is due to ignorance and blind immitation of terreble habits which encourage such young people to carry weapons and use them unthinkingly. It is time that the government stand up in the face of illegal weapons and knives.

  • Unfortunately Walid,
    It’s this day in age where carrying weapons even into school seems to be on the increase. When I was at school back in the early 90’s in the UK if you had a major argument between guys, you’d go outside and just punch. Now people are in danger of being stabbed or shot over mindless disputes, it’s not just in Jordan but all over the world.

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