A Disappointing Emmys

Conan hosting was probably the only good thing about the Emmys this year. The new and controversial voting system that spit out strange nominations and snubbed the big hitters like LOST just screwed things up. What made it disappointing for me wasn’t so much the show but rather the fact that the West Wing won only one award, for Alan Alda. Martin Sheen was snubbed and so was Allison Janney. So suffice to say I’m very pissed at that. Sheen was nominated six times! Six times since 1999 and not a single win for the portrayal of one of the greatest television characters of all time. You’d think they’d throw the man a bone here.

So I’m not watching the Emmys anymore, especially since the West Wing won’t be nominated anymore.


  • I really don’t care about the Emmys or the Golden Globe (up until 6 pm today I thought they were the same award) but I watched the entire show because Conan was hosting …. he was amazing I never expected him to dance and sing LOL!

    and 14 seconds can be spectacular!

  • Dear Lord, LOST ma rebe7 ishee?

    i’d give this show a DAMN OSCAR if I can! LOL
    I know it’s not for TV shows, but it’s like, the BEST! LOL

    did you see JJ Abrams new series?


  • hareega, yeah he was good

    omar, lost wasnt even nominated. the new jj show i think is 6 degrees of seperation. comes out next month.

  • Im a big fan of the hit tv series LOST.
    But besara7a, I was pretty disapointed in its second season.
    I hope it gains back its touch, in the 3rd season.

    And as for t.v series im currently on the second season of Prison break which is absolutely stunning.

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