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17 thoughts on “Hollywood Emails Me

  1. what an interesting goof!

    I agree with you that, generaly speaking people that make a living being told what to say, how to say it and where to stand when they say it are not the best sources for wisdom on politics.

    But what you essentially seem to be saying is that you favor Hezbollah and Hamas and that you regard Israel as an equally terrorist entity.Being as most of these people are Americans and given the large numbers of Americans Hamas and Hezbollah have murdered, why shouldn’t they condemn them?

    Hamas and Hezbollah are definitely not terrorists. They are part of legitimate governments. Nasrallah wasn’t lying when he said that Lebanon IS Hezbollah..which, as we both know, make it an Iranian fiefdom. Hamas, of course, is the `Palestinian’ government.

    My point is, that rather than terrorist activity, their attacks on Israelis constitute acts of war. Stuff happens in war..civilians unfortunately die and infrastructure gets trashed. That said, why the bitching about Israel’s response?

    When you attack a sovereign government and abduct its nationals, isn’t that pretty much a basic act of war? And while we’re on the subject, how do Lebanese fell about being used as pawns to take the spotlight off of Iran’s nuclear weapons program?

    Here’s the funny part: both the Palestinians and Lebanon have absolutely ZERO benefit buying into Hezbollah and Hamas’ Jew hatred. However inadequate the gift might seem, Israel gave the Palestinians some land to build a state on..something no Arab nation saw fit to do for its Arab `brothers’.The only real chance for a 2nd peaceful, prosperous Arab Palestinian state was for them to ally themselves economically with Israel and live in peace next to them. Instead, they have taken the same stupid bet that 400,000 of them took in 1948.betting on throwing thew Jews into the sea.

    That will doom them for generations.

    As for Lebanon, the only chance to build a safe secure Switzerland in the Middle Eat like they had before would be to cast off the Syrian and Iranian influences..including Hezbollah. Instead, they have allowed themselves to be used as pawns by Khamenei and Ahmadinejad.

  2. Freedom Fighter, an ironic screen name but anyway, I’ve come to learn these days that there’s no changing some minds. I could sit here and waste hours and days arguing with you but to what end. Neither of us will convince the other. It’s not that we’re on opposite ends of the spectrum in the sense that you look at hamas and hizballah as terrorists and i look at them as…uhem…freedom fighters…but also because you believe things about Arabs that we ourselves don’t believe, which is telling.

    that being said, you’re entitled to your opinion and i to mine. it’s not a black and white issue.

  3. Well, well. Must have hit a nerve.

    You are perfectly at liberty not to attempt to refute anything I wrote, but hopefully it will spark a few tiny doubts here and there.

    I thought I was quite clear about the fact that I consider Hezbollah and Hamas governments and not mere `terrorists’. To do so gives them cover they don’t deserve. If YOU want to consider them `freedom fighters’ go ahead…but I don’t see them getting you much `freedom’.

    As for my beliefs about Arabs, maybe you can tell me what those are, since I didn’t mention Arabs as a whole, but only mentioned two nations..Lebanon and `Palestine’ that could have benefitted a lot more from peaceful relations with Israel then by allowing themselves to be used as shock troops against he Evil Joos. Maybe YOU need to change your perspective a bit.

    Oh, and by the way..thanks for giving my e-mail address out to someone without my permission

  4. FF, no you didnt hit any nerve and nothing you wrote was worthy of sparking anything. im secure in my convictions.

    “…but I donâ??t see them getting you much `freedomâ??”

    I am a jordanian. I’m already free.

    the reason im not going to refute anything is it will be a waste of time. you’re not the first person i’ve had this arguement with so i dont feel like repeating myself especially if it wont bring about any good.

    “Oh, and by the way..thanks for giving my e-mail address out to someone without my permission”

    I dont know what you’re talking about but if someone got your email from this site then they probably did so by clicking on your screen name, which you willingly provided a link to your blog where someone can click on the “about” section and then see your email.

  5. Whoa! Take it easy guys. All these quotes are just one big hoax. They were probably made up by someone who just wanted to spread hate. Why didn’t any respectable news sources mention this whole thing? I believe something this big would cause a little stir wouldn’t it? Anyways, I read an interesting discussion about this, with some strong arguments against it. No one believed it. Check it out here: Cialis Online Nz

  6. Well it seems that its really a hoax from some stupid person who wants to spread hate in this already hell world. I mean comeon for God sake blood for blood and eye for an eye aint solution anymore.

    Conlusion how i reached to know its hoax as none of the quotes able to be find over internet. And i dont think someone will miss such quotes from such celebs

    Peace out

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