Dude, Where’s My Beard?

This is just plain funny…

JEDDAH, no rx 20 August 2006 â?? Relatives of an 80-year-old granddad, there who is in intensive care at a hospital in Jeddah, were shocked to find the old-manâ??s long beard had been shaved off by the hospital barber, the Al-Madinah newspaper reported yesterday.

The Saudi son of the man said his father is suffering from a serious illness and was in the intensive care unit at the hospital when his beard was shaved off. The man said that he came to visit his father and was shocked to see that the hospital barber had given the 80-year-old â??the Gillette look.â?

The hospital issued a written apology to the family and said that the barber misunderstood instructions to trim the beard. The son, who has threatened to sue the hospital, said, â??My father has never shaved his beard since he was born. This is so tragic, I canâ??t believe they could be so careless.â? [source]


  • HUH , ya man e7na tool nharhom be7koolna el doctor – releationship , o el privacy o el medical ethics ……….. and if someone was to die and refuses your treatment then it is – SOMEHOW – up to him , it is not our right as doctors to do any non-medical interventions for patients even medical interventions should be after their consent !
    They have the right to sue the hospital !


  • hahahhahahaaaaaaaaa so funny, actually i think its about jeddah, my mum gave me birth there and soon came the hair dresser and wanter 2 start doing mums hair n make up right away since she was expecting relatives to visit!!! mum twas like: 7elli 3anni!! hahahhahahh
    and no i dont remember that in person, but so i’ve been told 😉

  • Wow…

    Though Saudis are known for pardoing those who killed someone dear to them or something.

    Such as in car accidents…heck even crimes….

    Well, like anything else goes in KSA: Qada’ o Qadr

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