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24 thoughts on “Hollywood Condemns Hizballah & Hamas

  1. This definitely belongs in “the stupids.” Maybe some e-mails to some of the signatories with a few pertinent facts from some of the following stories are in order:

    Buy Kamagra Cheap (Information about one hundred severed limbs from June 25-August 12 in Gaza)

    Buy Ventolin Tablets (information about treatment Palestinian-Americans may expect at Lyddh airport)

    And, I’m having trouble linking to it right now, but there is a story in August 10-16 English Al-Ahram by Erica Silverman entitled “Plain Genocide” about the horrors unleashed by the state terrorist Israel in Gaza.

  2. These people are acting out of ignorance, I believe. The problem is with the USA administration and Bush’s ( and others ) Govt which are telling the whole world lies and twisted facts .

    Boycotting ? not practical. We should work harder to educate those idiots.

    ūüôā Good day Nid

  3. I take back the comment about Muslims in the above statement, most I’ve met are decent people, but the majority of people who have commented on this are clearly terrorist supporters. Please, “plain in genocide”, “terrorist state Israel”?

    Anyone who supports Hezbollah supports terrorism. Simple as that.

  4. Nazar,

    When it comes to racking up who did what to whom…or who√ɬĘ??s a bigger terrorist than the other, you are going to have to acknowledge some things:
    1. Terrorism is in the eye of the beholder. So yes, i am calling you blind as a bat because you have only gotten half the story and that√ɬĘ??s just a great way to become jaded and biased.
    2. What is happening in the region is spun by the side of the world your on and what you read. Read the other side√ɬĘ?√ā¬¶learn both sides history√ɬĘ?√ā¬¶then figure it out as I am sure you have the capability of doing.
    3. please don√ɬĘ??t tell me you even know the on the ground reality that could lead you to making an abstruse assumption that all those who support Hezbollah are terrorists√ɬĘ?√ā¬¶once you have seen children√ɬĘ??s body parts air lifted, then you are entitled to that asinine remark. If you are going to say that the Israeli√ɬĘ??s also have lost people than your education and take on the situation is disappointing to say the least.
    4. You really need to read a book or two and not just ones written from the same source (same side). i don√ɬĘ??t blame you for your opinion at the moment because it comes from ignorance. Ignorance can be helped with education…unfortunately, stupidity has no cure.

  5. Fad, if you only followed the Western news sources, you would be biased against Israel, as they are highly more critical of Israel than Hezbollah. Again, I don’t appreciate you patronizing me, I am intelligent enough to make my own conclusions and I don’t like you telling me that I should “go read a book or two” to “cure my ignorance.”

  6. Pingback: Cheap Kamagra Soft
  7. “Hezbollah deliberately killed 243 American Marines in Lebanon in 1983. They also attacked a civilian population when they started to shoot rockets at Israel.”

    Israel deliberately attacked the USS Liberty on June 8th, 1967, and killed many sailors in the process, yet where is the outrage from Americans? And don’t tell me it was an accident, because it was obviously deliberate.

    I bet if more Americans knew about that incident, then support for Israel would plunge dramatically.

    And by the way, the attack in 1983 on the American barracks was a legitimate target, since it was a military outpost of foreign troops on foreign land. Not that I support it, but it cannot be construed as a terrorist attack, but it can be construed as an attack on the U.S. by definition though.

    Is Pearl Harbor considered a terrorist attack on that account? I’m not sure because the definition of terrorism is rather vague and murky, depends on what the individual would think. I still view it as an act of war, but a terrorist attack? I would have to digress.

    And by the way, Israel isn’t all perfect. Come back to me when Israel stops jailing Ethiopian Jews for their aliyah, while giving benefits to the white Eastern European Jews upon their arrival.

  8. Do you folks really believe that there are virgins awaiting you in heaven if you kill people that are not Muslim? That doesn’t seem like a very religious thing to do. And what about these virgins, have they lived already and died virgins? Where do they come from? I’m confused at this whole process. I hope this is not thought of as offensive, I just do not understand.

  9. Bill, first i’m not a scholar and what I know of my religion is from whatever knowledge I have gained over the years. second the promise of “virgins” for martyrs is not based in the quran but in a selective translation of a certain hadith (sayings of the Prophet pbuh) collected by tirmidhi a few centuries after his death. i am inclined to believe that the hadith as reported by tirmidhi is not 100% authentic or that it has been misinterpreted or wrongfully translated. i am inclined to believe this because the Quran is the first source on Islamic rulings and no such mention of 72 virgins for martyrs is mentioned in it. The second source is the Sunnah (the hadeeths) and in that case we look to the most authenticated reporting which was compiled and done by Bukhari. Bukhari does not mention any of this either (as far as I know). in addition what is mentioned in the hadeeth by tirmdhi is in reference to martyrs, Muslims who die defending Islam and God, not people who indiscrimintly kill non-Muslims. Muslims cannot kill non-Muslims just because they are non-Muslims, but only if they are doing so in self-defence of their people and land. Also: the word “houri” whose only english translation is “virgin”, which in modern english means someone who has never had sex, has a different understanding in arabic, first (in context of the quran) it is used to refer to something whom God has created in the sense that it does not refer to a human being but something along the lines of an angel.

    all that being said, this isnt a topic that really dominates Islam. for the most part its one of those things commonly misunderstood but nevertheless exploited by islamophobes especially in post 911.

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