How I Recently Became A Millionaire

Apparently my email was entered into some lottery in Amsterdam and I’ve just been contacted to collect $1 million. I’ve also been sent several emails from a lawyer who says I have a long lost relative who died in Zimbabwae and left me $20 million. Also, apparently the king of Freedonia has been overthrown and his fleeing family is in exile. It turns out they need my help to move their money to their secret hiding place by giving them access to my bank account.

So in this week alone I’ve become a multi-millionaire and I’ve spent the last few hours contemplating what to do with this new found wealth. Well I’ve decided to give back to the world that has given me so much. So if anyone has any good ideas of how all this money should be spent, perhaps building a charity organization, feed the hungry, fund cancer research or maybe you’d like me buy you a car or a mansion, feel free to contact me. It’s really too much money for just one person. So send me an email with your bank account number and I’ll transfer some of the funds over to you no problem.


  • i suggest you do money laundry in jordan πŸ˜›
    and yeah here is my bank account:

    arab bank
    Ibrahim Owais
    Account No. 4562 0245 8526 526
    Jabal Amman Branch

    Thanks in advance

  • so…can you pay me back the money u owe me? i think a few mill should just about cover it. by the way, the relative that died in Zimbabwe, the whole family inherited right? i have my eye set on something in a red, preferably a Hummer!

  • shaden, sure thing, ill need some info though… πŸ˜€

    ibrahim, great man! expect a surprise in a few days πŸ˜€

    Fad, first of all…no givsies backsies…it holds up in a court of law along with “shot gun” and “called it” (i checked). second of all, no not the whole family…i was the one contacted πŸ˜€

  • HEY! you can buy that ipod now!
    Check your email…I’ve included my Routing number and Checking Account Number…

    I get A LOT of these! I wonder if there are idiots out there who actually fall for this non-sense?

  • Iman, “I wonder if there are idiots out there who actually fall for this non-sense?”

    are you telling me this is some sort of bamboozlement? πŸ˜€

  • Ok first of all you have to buy a Llama! Actualy, an entire herd of Llamas!
    then buy acres and acres of land in downtown dubai, and demolish all the buildings there and build a LLama farm, you know, for your herd of LLamas.
    Naturaly, all these llamas need a constant supply of water, so you’ll have to build a canal that runs all through the U.A.E into the nearest fresh water source, which is the Euphrates river in Iraq, You’ll need ofcourse the expertise and man power of the U.S army cuas you can’t just go about building massive canals in Iraq you know, they have to get envloved, and being such a huge project, the U.S army in Iraq will invest all their resources into this project, and once they’re finished they’ll be dead tired and just pack their bags and go home, and thus you will have freed Iraq from the U.S occupation.
    Also you would have spent all your millions.
    but it doesn’t matter, cause the Iraqi people will be so happy with you freeing Iraq from the U.S and all, that they’ll elect you president, and to make up for all that money you spent on the canal and in wages for the U.S technicians and work force, you will establish military law and become the next dictator of Iraq and to get back the money as quickly as possible you will monopolis all the incomes from the Oil exports to yourself, which will ofcourse piss off the Americans, who will come rushing back to the Area to regain control, but ofcourse being the wise man that you are you will offer them a bargain or an exchange, Oil For llamas.. you give them oil, they give you Llamas, but then again, more Llamas need greater sources of water….

    Or you could just buy all the lottery tickets in the world this way you are sure to double, triple your money even..

    Or you could just move those emails to spam and pretend nothing ever happpened πŸ™‚

  • Yea i would like my cut… plus if u dont accept it im second in row to inherit the money, so i would advise not to accept the offer:p

    thuis sure beats the $50 certificate you got πŸ˜€

  • Well, I’m now getting emails from some people claiming to be Labenese, basically it’s the same as the 419 fraud. The guy’s last name is Qraytem! lol
    It says, that he works at the Lebanese Central Bank, and because of the Israeli attack, the bank has withdrawn large amounts to hide it some where safe, while doing this, they have found an unclaimed account-20Mil, etc …..

    Today I’ve just recieved an email from a guy called Ahmad Bin Zayid from UAE! If it’s British I get names like John Blair, or Jack Elton…once I got Henry Potter! Hehehe

    I like how they are going local….

    How come we never have Jordanian versions?
    Hi this is Za3al Abu Kashra….

  • well i wonder how come you did it , as these guys always ask you to send them money first , and then they send it back to you , and when u send the money its gone for ever, i guess you just lose some money :))))

    so how much did you lose man :))


  • Hi,
    I get those too, i think it’s spam, but if you really got the money then send me some am broke, oh by the way i would accept money from anyone, i need 20000JD to get out of this country, if anyone can help, email me

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