• hey nas..keefak..miss me? 😉
    ba3dak betwaze3 masari?

    ni7na wain wselna? 😀

    bel nesbeh lal video
    nazel y2ool high high..
    wallahi ma 7ada high gheero..mashi betmarja7..

  • Thats funny. I remember my wife and I going into a local place here called “Cairo Cafe” to pick up some food. It is a nice place, owned by an Egyptian family, and they stay opewn until 4 am in the morning for all of the men to come, smoke, drink tea, you name it.

    But the day we went in there a group of white American univeristy students were there smoking sheesha. We had a great time watching them because they were all acting like the pipe was filled with hasish, not tobacco. They thought there wer high.

    Another time we were at a local mall and there is a vendor there who sells Turkish items, including hookahs. We heard a couple of guys remark as they walked by “I cannot believe they sell these things here.” Clearly thinking that they were used for illegal drug use.

    We have sheesha at home and I smoke from time to time, much less now that we have the two babies. It isnt worth it going out to smoke, it costs around $10 per pipe, which I think is WAY too much.

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