Children’s Protest In Amman

AMMAN â?? Local demonstrations continued on Thursday in solidarity with the Lebanese people, help physician including a childrenâ??s march and a candlelight vigil at the Lebanese embassy. Hundreds of children walked from the First Circle to the Second Circle holding up pictures of Lebanese victims and white balloons, site which they later released into the sky.

â??I came here to tell children of Lebanon and Palestine that we feel for you, generic and share your pain,â? said Sandra Nino, 10.

â??We want the worldâ??s children, particularly the Israelis, to realise the suffering of the Lebanese and Palestinian peoples,â? said Samar Dudin, representative of the Creative Network Initiative, which organised the rally along with the Princess Haya Cultural Centre and Al Balad Theatre. At the end of the march, the youth read a letter addressed to the worldâ??s children.

â??We the children of Jordan refuse Israelâ??s aggression on Lebanon and Palestine… we refuse Israelâ??s brutal massacres that killed hundreds of children,â? the letter said. [Jordan Times]


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