There Are Christian Arabs?!

Article of Interest: “You are a Christian?” a foreign tourist inquires with marked disbelief of a Palestinian tour guide in Bethlehem. “When did you convert?” This response by foreigners, there Christian or not, sovaldi sale is unfortunately not uncommon in Palestine. [continue]


  • I wonder what the stupidass self-hating Lebanese Christians have to say about this. Especially the retards that think they are Phoenician as opposed to merely being Arab, even though they are from the mountains of Lebanon rather than the sea.

  • As I am in the US now, I get this question all the time and quite enjoy explaining that Palestinian Christians were forced out of their homes in 1948 alongside Muslims. They actually don’t believe me. I remind them about the Book of Acts in the Bible that says that Arabs were amoung the first believers – the miraculous gift of tongues was spoken in Arabic (or whatever it was then, Aramaic?) but not English. And that there have been Christians in the region ever since.

    I ask them then how they would feel to be forced out of their homes to make way for Jewish families, and they get a bit uncomfortable. Then I ask them why they don’t feel uncomfortable that Muslims were forced out. We all need to learn.

  • I get it all the time, i’m very outspoken about where i’m from and being Jordanian and Arabian, people always assume i’m not Christian, even when i wear a cross they still don’t beleive me. To some they think i’m anything but Christain …those are the same ignorant idiots who think Christianity is White

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