Every Being Counts, Every Person Matters

Civilians getting killed is just a lamentable side effect of spreading democracy in the Middle East. The upset stomach and diarrhea of freedom, viagra sale unhealthy if you will.


  • That Jon Stewart is unbelievable! And Bush is unbelievable too, this wacko of a president speaks of 30,000 Iraqis killed in the war he procured as if he was being asked: How many sugar spoons do you like in your tea? Hmmmm, I’d say 30,000!!

    Too bad these videos are undownloadable, or are they?

  • Tarawneh,
    I’m actually wondering, have John been called “a self hating American secular Jew”…..yet?
    Just wondering.
    Oh well, I’m not sure if he’s reaching to anyone!I mean those who watch the show are “the others” not watching “FOX”.

  • ola, nope.

    firas, i havent heard anyone call him that but its a possibility. but he’s very ideologically liberal. it’s not really the religion that matters as much as it is the ideology. some of the biggest critics of Israel are jews themselves. probably depicted as self hating jews as well.

  • Firas, Jon Stewart is VERY popular in the United States. Even some conservatives (especially the old-school ones) love him. And few people touch him. They come off as buffoons. Which is why I have never, ever heard anyone call him “self-hating”‘ since the took over from Craig Kilborn (whose sister, incidentally, went to my high school and hung out at poetry club with me… it’s a small world). Although I’m sure that’s happened, it’s hard to believe anyone would pay attention.

  • NAS:
    That is why I had used “secular” thing.
    I was just saying what would have been said about him,I mean if anyone would utter such thing, s/he won’t be politically correct, now would they?

    Well, yeah he’s popular. But I think some folks would call him a “self-hating” something, specially the folks on http://www.freerepublic.com

    Anyways,what’s up with Kilbron? He seemed all gloomy and stuff in his last season hosting The Late late show. Is it because TDS surged after Stewart took over? Oh well whatever.
    Now here is a guy question: Was his sister good looking?Poetry club,eh? Scary :p

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