Is Israels’ Response Disproportionate?

In a sad funny way, this short Daily Show clip shows you how Israel’s strategy in Lebanon has some historical precedence…


  • The Hizb militia will be gone within a month and they will be back to doing the one thing they do well killing random women and children in misc. terror attacks around the globe.

    I won’t hold my breath waiting for you people to condem the aforementioned attacks.

    I’m sure you’ll just break out the old ak-47, give a few celebratory “death to the infadels, death to the zionest entity” chants and then sit back and watch a few beheading videos to unwind.

    And then complain on how you are peaceful people who are just misunderstood.

  • Marco, wow, blowing up random people around the globe? How interesting… care to show us exactly what parts “around the globe” Hizbollah blows up?

    Anyways, ignoramuses aside, as usual, John Stewart has a very poignant way of making a point. I hope the rest of the mainstream media picks up on this thinking…

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