Would Someone Please Kill This Guy Already?

Bin Laden’s tapes drive me crazy. This past week he threatened HM King Abdullah (again) for not allowing Zarqawi’s body into Jordan to be burried. In the tape he says that in reality the King is “afraid” to hold the funeral because everyone would show up for it which would demonstrate how much support the “mujahadeen” have in the country. Now he urges Iraqi (alqueda) fighters to kill more Shiites.

When he first started out Bin Laden had a long “to kill” list, now it basically consists of people who don’t agree with him or his demented version of Islam; ironically the overwhelming majority of those people happen to be Muslim.

I think Bin Laden should come to Jordan. In fact let’s invite him. He and his “mujahedeen” can stay at the Radisson and Jordanians will show him just how much we “support” him.


  • Did you notice this guy has like a an advertising agent or office or something. Timing the release of tapes. With his motion picture and small action figures and what not!
    I guess Nancy Ajram is pausing serious competition
    Yeah, I’m with ya brother. He needs to go! The dumpster is waiting

  • There are two possibilities; the first is, Ben Laden doesnâ??t exist. The second, he exists but not responsible for bombing Amman hotels. I will provide a contradiction about â??Al-Quedaâ? organization for those who believes that they are responsible of 11th September.
    A very good organized organization that was responsible for 11th September may be one time mistaken in bombing Iraqiâ??s civils. But as we hear from news, every time a suicide bomber or a bombed car explode, a tens of Iraqiâ??s people are killed. This is a work of amature organization. I hope you understand me. About Amman hotels, Iâ??m surprised why the trail of â??Sajeda Atrous Al-reshawiâ? is not public so everyone can witness the trial of Amman hotels victims killer??!!
    Another thing, If the reason of King Abdullah for not allowing Al-Zarqawi body to be buried in Jordan because he is a killer, then it is not a very convincing reason since King Abdullah invites or interview many killers to Jordan like Prime minister of Israel.

    If you want to contact me send me at “shadi_imad@hotmail.com”

    Researcher for the unknown
    2-7-2006, 10:31AM

  • Maybe Bin Laden doesn’t exist, but still it doesn’t mean that Islamic extremists are behidn such attacks.

    I don’t know what you’re trying to say exactly, but I’m assuming (and I have every single right to make assupmtions) there’s a conspiracy theory behind it where as usual Americans or Israelis are the main suspects of.

    Maybe such a group is being financed by the American Government, but certainly not the Israeli government, for one, the same attacks in Jordan were executed by the same organization that was behind London’s underground incident and New York’s WTC incident, which cannot be Israel simply because they have absolutely no benefit in doing so.

    Still, that doesn’t change the fact that they were accomplished with complete compliance from Islamic extremists, it’s their fault that, and they deserve to be fried to death.

    As usual, somebody has to exonerate Muslims, simply because Muslims are always perfect and right. It’s getting boring really.

    I have an idea, why don’t you take Zarkawi’s body, bury him in your backyard, would you be thrilled at that?

    Some piece of advice, if you don’t like King Abdullah , don’t bring the Israeli issue to table, it’s so last wednesday. So what if he invites the Israeli Prime Minister to Amman? that’s called diplomacy, politics and business. Something your Bil Laden should learn before chopping innocent people’s head off.

    One last thing, the other day I saw a video of a kid wishing that Zarkawi is dead and goes to hell. Do you realize how much it would take an innocent child to say such a thing?

  • I have some comments for what firas has said:

    1- Israel and USA have benifits for doing such attacks, whether
    they were in London,Iraq, or Jordan or any where. They can increase
    the hatred for europeans or american people against Islami and
    Arabic world. They also can create a sectarianism war, and i think
    you the sequences for such war.

    2- When you are supporting an idea, ideology or any case (King
    Abdullah supports palestinian people as he states), he must not
    make any concessions. When you fight for your right there is no
    existence for international legitimacy.


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