Bombed Gaza Power Plant Was American Owned

American tax payers could really care less that their taxes pay for Israel’s killing, but what if Palestinians attacked a US owned power plant in Israel? Would they submit an insurance claim? Hmm…

Israel’s bombing of Gaza’s main power plant could end up costing its closest ally, the U.S. government, because it partially insured the project for up to $48 million, officials involved in the project said on Saturday.

U.S. officials would not say whether Washington would ask Israel for reimbursement.

Israel bombed the power plant on Wednesday at the start of an offensive to try to get Palestinian militants to free a captured soldier, Corporal Gilad Shalit.

A Western aid official involved in the matter said Israel’s decision to hit the power plant was a surprise in large part “because it was American-owned.” [source]

I guess Tony Snow wasn’t talking about people…

Hours after the Israeli strike on the power plant, White House spokesman Tony Snow said the United States urged Israel to “avoid the unnecessary destruction of property and infrastructure.”

The attack on the power plant cut off electricity for hundreds of thousands of Gaza residents.

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