The Jordanian Brad Pitt

Granted that I’ve made my own fake IDs’ in my time, but even a 16 year-old would choose a photo a little less…I dunno…conspicuous?

Dubai: A salesman faces trial for forging a labour card by pasting Hollywood actor Brad Pitt’s photo on it and an Arabic name.

The 29-year-old Jordanian, T.H., said he did not know whose photo it was he had downloaded from the internet. The Dubai Public Prosecution charged him with forgery, using a fake document and trying to embezzle Dh82,600 from a money exchange house in collaboration with his brother H.H., who works there as a teller.

The Dubai Court of First Instance was told that the defendant sought to use the card to collect Dh82,600, which had been transferred to A.Y. the name he used on the card from Qatar. The money was left in the exchange house for three months unclaimed.

An informant told police that T.H. was planning to collect the money in collaboration with his brother. Police arrested T.H. from a mall in Ghusais. In his statement to the police, he said his brother had informed him about the money which had not been collected. He confessed that he forged the card with Brad Pitt’s picture from a website. [source]


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